Why the Road to Hana is a must for anyone visiting Hawaii?

The Road to Hana is known as the crown-jewel of Hawaii tours. There are countless waterfalls, dramatic ocean vistas, and lush rainforest that you can see while driving on this road. The best point to start your journey on this road is North Shore that leads you to the Haleakala’s Back Side. There are so many interesting and beautiful things on this road that you can’t even decide that which point should you skip and where should you stop.

In order to help you get rid of this problem, we have brought a list of the places where you should stop while driving on the road to Hana. This will help you understand that why is it important drive on road to Hana while you are visiting Hawaii. There are many beautiful waterfalls where you can capture amazing photographs with your loved ones.

The rainforest is the most remarkable point of this road where you should definitely stop to take a look at the wild animals. Let’s take a look at the Road to Hana Tours – The Top 3 Reviewed points where you must stop while driving on this road.

Paia town

This is the perfect place for you to stop if you’re driving in the morning. You can either take a breakfast here or you can also choose to have the dinner at this point if you’re coming from the other side of the road. There is only one main road in this laid-back town that is filled with numerous art galleries, restaurants, charming coffee shops, yoga studios, and eclectic shops. You must start your morning with some coffee and some snacks.

Twin Falls

This is one of the best waterfalls along the road to Hana where you must stop during your journey. You can enjoy the coconut candy, sugarcane juice, and the locally grown fruit at this beautiful point. Taking a refreshing dip the waterfall will help you prepare yourself for the rest of the journey.

There are several farms available at this point where you can stay for a long time. You can simply park your car in the parking lot and enjoy the amazing moments in this beautiful place. Don’t forget to capture lots of photographs here because you’re not going to find such a beautiful spot elsewhere.

Wailua Valley State Wayside

If you’re looking to find the best Mauna and mauka views along the Road to Hana, then Wailua valley is the perfect stop for you. You can capture lots of incredible photographs by climbing up the stairs. The Wailua Valley State Wayside is the perfect point to visit. You’re not going to face any problem while parking your vehicle because there is a secure parking lot available for the visitors.

Cool books that turned into video games

Games are usually known as the source of fun and entertainment for kids and sometimes adults also play games to feel relaxed and enjoy. But there are a few games that are specially designed following a movie or play. This is not a hidden fact know and many people know that some of the popular video games were inspired by a movie or play.

Something that most of the people don’t know is that there are a few games that are inspired by some cool books. Such kinds of games are the best way of increasing your knowledge about a book. Reading a book usually gets boring and you can’t read the complete book especially those who don’t like reading find it very difficult to read a book.

Playing such kinds of games will not only help you understand the story of the book but it will also inspire you to read some other books because every book has its own unique and inspiring story. You can miren el juego aqui to find out that what book does it belong to. Today we’re going to talk about some cool books that turned into video games.

The Witcher

In the last decade, The Witcher 3 gained enough popularity and became one of the top action games but there are only a few people who know that this game was actually based on a series of fantasy novels. The name of the novel is also the same. Andrzej Sapkowki was the author of this amazing novel.

The story moves around Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter who stalked his prey with the help of numerous supernatural capabilities. The good thing about the game is that players can make decisions in the game on behalf of Geralt.

The author of the novel belonged to Poland. People of Poland gave so much value to this book that their prime minister gifted a copy of the second version of the novel to President Obama in 2011.


This novel was first published in 1930. The story of Hassan-i-Sabbah is described in this novel. Hassan was a Persian missionary who formed a community of assassins. There are many people who’ve shown that the story of this novel is just imaginary and it has nothing to do with the reality. However, the game Assassin’s Creed that has become very popular over the past few years was based on the story of this novel.

The incidents that assassins had to suffer from are all used in the game. Different places that were attacked by the assassins are also included in this game. They’ve tried to include every part of the novel into this game. If you love playing action games, then you’re definitely going to like the fights in this game and you’ll be inspired to read the book as well after playing this amazing game.

Learn How To Write A Book Which Will Be Successful

Every human being has a book inside them, which is waiting to be expressed. You don’t need to be a master of creativity in order to write a book. It is all about knowing yourself and then expressing it in words. However, the first question is why you should write a book. It is a lot of work, takes a lot of time and there is always the risk that no one will read it. Then there is also the question of getting it published although in this latter scene there are a lot of opportunities nowadays.

Statistics regarding books

More than one million books are published in the United States every year and two-thirds of them are self-published. The sales of books are slowing down as people find more entertainment in video games, television and other modern gadgets and devices. According to the stats, a non-fiction book published in 2014 would sell less than 250 copies in a year and lesser than 3000 over its lifetime. The lifetime of books is also very short because the publishers do not blacklist as they used to.

More books and fewer sales mean that publishers have lesser money to spend on marketing. Due to less help from the publisher, the author has to do quite a lot by himself. So the job is not just to write the book, but also to figure out how to sell it. How will you make people hear about your book? You cannot count on bookstores because there is only 1% chance that it will be displayed in one. Hence you can say that you can neither depend on publishers nor on bookstores and you have to create the market for your book by yourself. Let us come back to the question that why you should write a book

To Establish Yourself As An Expert In A Field

The times today demand specialisation and there is an explosion of knowledge and information due to the internet. Experts in any field have their own clout and authority. Hence if you want to prove to your clientele that you are an expert, then you need a book, especially if you are a consultant or something like that who is hired because of your expertise.

To become a public speaker in any field

Even public speakers, who are paid to speak, need a book to point to and to establish their credentials. The only exception is if you have attained a celebrity status due to something extraordinary that you have done. If this status is strong enough, you simply can have people talk to your agent when they call. But celebrity status fades quickly and then again we come back to the book. Even former President Bill Clinton has had to write books to remain in the public eye.

Satisfying your inner need

It may be due to your ego or explanation, or you may simply want to make a record of your being in this world. However, writing a book for making a personal statement is also a good enough reason.