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At, we’re dedicated to being open and honest about the ways in which we gather and utilize your information. When you use our website, this policy tells you how and when we use cookies.


Cookies: What are they?

We transfer text files, known as cookies, to your computer or mobile device. They are specific to your browser or account. Cookies that are session-based expire when your browser closes and are only active while it is. Persistent cookies remain active until they are deleted by you or your browser, or they expire.

What is the purpose of cookies?

To keep track of your login credentials and the services you’ve ordered, certain cookies are linked to your account and personal data. Other cookies are distinct from your account cookies and enable us to perform functions like customisation and analytics.


Cookies are useful for:


Identify you when you use our services or visit our website.

Recall your preferences.

provide you with a customized experience in line with your preferences.

Streamline and safeguard your interactions with our website.


In case you don’t want cookies being used?

Most browsers allow you to control cookies according to your preferences, although you may choose not to accept them. You may also control cookie preferences for individual websites in certain browsers.

Kindly take note of

Restricting the ability of websites and applications to create cookies may result in a less satisfactory user experience overall and/or the inability to use some services since they will no longer be customized for you. Additionally, it can prevent you from preserving personalized settings, such as login credentials.


We trust that this Cookie Policy clarifies our cookie usage practices. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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