Every human being has a book inside them, which is waiting to be expressed. You don’t need to be a master of creativity in order to write a book. It is all about knowing yourself and then expressing it in words. However, the first question is why you should write a book. It is a lot of work, takes a lot of time and there is always the risk that no one will read it. Then there is also the question of getting it published although in this latter scene there are a lot of opportunities nowadays.

Statistics regarding books

More than one million books are published in the United States every year and two-thirds of them are self-published. The sales of books are slowing down as people find more entertainment in video games, television and other modern gadgets and devices. According to the stats, a non-fiction book published in 2014 would sell less than 250 copies in a year and lesser than 3000 over its lifetime. The lifetime of books is also very short because the publishers do not blacklist as they used to.

More books and fewer sales mean that publishers have lesser money to spend on marketing. Due to less help from the publisher, the author has to do quite a lot by himself. So the job is not just to write the book, but also to figure out how to sell it. How will you make people hear about your book? You cannot count on bookstores because there is only 1% chance that it will be displayed in one. Hence you can say that you can neither depend on publishers nor on bookstores and you have to create the market for your book by yourself. Let us come back to the question that why you should write a book

Learn How To Write A Book Which Will Be Successful