Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday 5's

Just a small note I am change the name of this meme to Wednesday 5's. Just have not gotten around to change my banner for it.

The 5 W's mini reviews. Are short and quick reviews. This does not mean that the books were taken lightly or that the were not as good as any other book. This is just a way for me to get through all the books I have read and a way for me to keep track of the books.

Clackers Little Witch; Luana Rinaldo

Double Play! Monkeying Around With Addition; Betsy Franco

Everything I Need to Know Before I'm Five; Valorie Fisher


Little Witch is brewing up some special Halloween punch and all of her friends are coming to help. The lively text, colorful illustrations and sound effects all enhance the clacking noise of this format.
Parents and caregivers are always looking for books that will engage babies and very small children, and this series fits the bill. And it's just the right size for little hands, diaper bags, strollers, and cribs. The colorful, simple illustrations make this a must-have for baby's first Halloween.

Clackers Little Witch Review

Who: It's geared for babies but I think children up until around the time they learn to read will enjoy this.

What: Not much to learn from the book, some noise and well illustrated pages. Soft for babies to clack around.

Where: The Little Witch is making a brew to drink, a punch with the help of here spooky friends.

When: This would be great during halloween time. Who doesn't like a fun Little Witch.

Why: These are fabulous, especially for babies. My son is not so much a baby any more but he didn't seem to mind. A book with great Illustrations speak no matter what.
There are also some other fabulous Clackers, My son loved Black Cat.


Brrriiiing! Recess time! Little chimps Jill and Jake find more than just their favorite games in the schoolyard today. They also discover the important mathematical concept of doubling, or adding a number to itself. Easy to learn and fun to memorize, doubling is a valuable problem-solving tool that helps kids prepare for multiplication. A must-have addition to any math-themed picture book library, Double Play makes this arithmetic lesson as welcome as recess.

Double Play! Monkeying Around With Addition Review

Who: This is perfect for children who are learning addition. Also  fun for children who love animals.

What: It's a great way for children to count with visual object or animals.

Where: This was a lot of fun with animal children out and about.

When: Definitely a anytime read. Maybe an after school read.

Why: The illustrations were great. Children who are learning how to add, will have a blast right along with Jill and Jake.


Do you know your letters? Can you count to twenty? Learn all that and more in this all-in-one concept picture book. Perfect for kids heading to kindergarten, this book covers the alphabet, counting, opposites, shapes, colors, and seasons. Award winning author-illustrator Valorie Fisher uses bright, gorgeous photos of retro toys to illustrate these topics in a completely fresh way. Parents will love this stylish and funny approach to basic concepts, while kids will learn, well, everything.

Everything I Need to Know Before I'm Five Review

Who: Anyone who has not turned 5 should and would have a blast reading this! 

What: Very creative and clever use of all the toys to make learning fun.

Where: This takes place in some sort of toy world.  Fall, Summer, Shapes and colors.

When: It's a ANYTIME read.

Why: Now that school require that children know how to write the alphabet, count, and know how to read certain words before the start of kindergarten. Children need all the help they can get. This is a fun way for them to enjoy the learning process.



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How sweet. I like the sound of the first two.

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They sound so cute! :)

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Oh I need to forward this list to a cousin of mine! So cute!

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These look so cute, and the Halloween book makes me realize that I better enjoy the last days of summer rather than complain about the heat :)