Saturday, July 9, 2011

Everlasting; Alyson Noel

Reading level: Young Adult
Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin; First Edition edition (June 7, 2011)


Their epic love story has captured the hearts of millions and enchanted readers across the world. In this beautiful finale, their journey draws to a spectacular conclusion—where all will be revealed.

Their darkest enemies now defeated, Damen and Ever are free to embark upon their final quest—to free Damen from the poison lingering in his body. If they can just find the antidote, they’ll finally be able to feel each other’s touch—and experience the passionate night they’ve been longing for. But their fight to be together will lead them into the most formidable terrain yet…into the dark heart of Summerland.

Here in a land of scorched earth and endless rain, Ever and Damen will discover their relationship’s hidden origins, expose a secret history they never imagined…and come face to face with the true reason fate keeps tearing them apart. Only then, when the final mystery is unraveled and the last secret revealed, Ever and Damen’s future will hinge on one ultimate decision that will put everything at stake….even eternity.

My Review

I'm not sure what my issue is lately but I have had such a hard time recalling series. Maybe I read to many of them or so many of them are so much alike. Either way I'm having to go back and reread. So after rereading the entire Immortal series I was able to get to Everlasting.

Ever has found herself at a crossroads on which path is the right choice. Either choice can benefit Ever and Damen, but one isn't her true destiny. Only Ever can take the journey to find her true path and destiny.

It's imperative that I explain why I enjoyed this so.. The whole series is about being Immortal. Did anyone think that being Immortal may not be so great? I LOVED, LOVED that they made immortality seem great but it definitely can have huge down falls. I guess it's nice to have a sobering moment or two. It just made the entire series seem more realistic. I did find the ending venue and the choice of clothing a bit cliche. I think that's a great thing if that's all I can complain about.

I enjoyed the reappearance of past characters, it gave a more final ending. I didn't have a lingering question and a lot of things that I never even thought about came to light. If you didn't believe in Karma before you may want to take another look. There is so much history in all of these books I wonder how Alyson was able to remember all the details. I don't think I could keep Karma, Destiny and History together the was Alyson Noel has. This is definitely not a series you can just jump into. It's to much history and past lives to get caught up on and to understand where and why it's going in that direction. I'd recommend reading the Immortal's from the beginning. Immortals is definitely a snack worthy series and Everlasting made the series whole.

I almost forget...Alyson Noel has a spin off series of Ever's sister, Riley. You should check them out Shimmer and Radiance.

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Nina said...

Great review. I think I will try and read the first book! I heard so many mixed reviews about it that I'm a bit curious. ;)

Blodeuedd said...

I just do not know. I seem to do really badly with YA pnr

Cat said...

Ohhh ... this looks like a book I would fall in love with instantly {you know ... the kind that suck you in and cause you to forgo eating, sleeping, and socializing cause you just can't but it down}.

♥ Cat brideblu

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

you make this sound really good!!

GMR said...

Fabulous review Liz! I've yet to read this series but it's been on my list for quite some time. Glad to hear it meets expectations or even surpasses them. Thanks for sharing!

Jamie Kline (Bookerella) said...

I haven't read any books in this series yet, but I REALLY want to! Your review makes me want to read them even more. I will make sure I take your suggestion and start with book one - I hate when I accidentally read a book that is like number 3 in the series, especially if there's a lot of backstory that you've already missed. And I know what you mean; I get all caught up on a series, but then the next book doesn't come out for 6 months or a year and I get a little fuzzy on details so I like to reread the rest to refresh my memory (especially if it's one of my favorite series!)

Misha said...

The first book in the series has been lying on my shelf since a long time - must get to it soon!
I try to avoid series books because like you, I have a hard time recalling stuff.
But there are so many great series like this, that I am unable to resist.
Thanks for the review!