Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The 5 W's mini reviews. Are short and quick reviews. This does not mean that the books were taken lightly or that the were not as good as any other book. This is just a way for me to get through all the books I have read and a way for me to keep track of the books.

I am a Tyrannosaurus; Anna Grossnickle Hines

A Deal's a Deal!; Stephanie Blake

An Edible Alphabet 26 Reasons to Love the Farm; Carol Watterson


“I have a gigantic head with long pointy teeth, and a great loud roar.

I’m a huge ferocious hunter. I am . . .

a Tyrannosaurus.”

A little boy pretends to be different dinosaurs–and even a baby dinosaur just hatching from his shell–until his mother joins him with a snack and plays the role of mother dinosaur.

I am a Tyrannosaurus Review

Who: All little boys that love things that Roar will eat this right up.

What: You can act just like the little boy mimicking the dinosaurs.

Where: It takes place out doors, plenty of roam to get your dinosaur on.

When: I would read this during the day and maybe on the porch, having plenty of room for the little one to act out the scenes. 

Why: If you have a active little one this will be a life saver. It's activity and knowledge rolled into one. 


When Simon the Super Rabbit takes his cars over to his friend Ferdinand's to play, the two little rabbits decide to make a trade—all three of Simon's cars for Ferdinand's "extraordinary" red car. But as soon as Simon plays with his new toy, CRACK! it breaks! Did Ferdinand play a trick on him? Simon has an idea . . . a terrible, horrible, wonderful idea! But will Ferdinand fall for Simon's trick and not only return his three cars, but also discover Simon's—gross!—surprise? Stephanie Blake—author-illustrator of I Don't Want to Go to School!—has spun a true-to-life tale of friendship with laugh-out-loud results.

A Deal's a Deal! Review

Who: Laughable rabbits, good for any age.

What: I'm not sure if children would learn to be a swindler or learn not to be swindled. Or they may just enjoy the story for it's laugh out loud enjoyable scenes. (I'm thinking the last is more likely.)

Where: This took place at Ferdinand's house.

When: Definitely a anytime read. 

Why: Fun FUN Fun, the illustrations were great. The events that unfolded left me laughing out loud.

How: Couldn't find Stephanie Blakes's Site.


Bouncing blueberries, eager ewes, and giggling geese!

Join this lively bunch on an alphabetical tour of today’s farm. With families and schools thinking more than ever about fresh, healthful choices for the table, kids want to know about the foods they see and eat every day: Where does it come from? How is it grown? What’s the difference between a fruit and a veggie? Why don’t chickens have teeth?

This entertaining survey of modern farming provides a wealth of farm facts and farm lore, including:

-Why some egg yolks are deep orange and others pale yellow
-Which kind of tomato is used to make ketchup
-What butterflies, hummingbirds, bats, and bees all have in common
-Why farmers love ladybugs
-Why sheep smell with their feet

Of course there are far more than 26 reasons to love the farm. What are yours?

An Edible Alphabet 26 Reasons to Love the Farm Review

Who: From infant and up I'd recommend this too. The colors are great for infants and the story is great for learning the alphabet or learning to read.

What: I loved that each page told it's own sort of story. They had some facts through out the book that I even learned a thing or 9. ;)

Where: On a farm with a gaggle of giggling geese and woolly bears.

When: Definitely a anytime read. It's also a more then once read.

Why: A book that touches on so many wonderful events is hard to pass up.

How: Found no site for Carol Watterson


Misha said...

All of them look so adorable! The cover for A Deal's a Deal is the cutest. I am always on the lookout for something for my younger cousins, so I will be adding these to the list.

Blodeuedd said...

Lol, I like the look of simon the super rabbit

Jenny N. said...

A Deal's a Deal looks like a fun read and the cover is super cute.

Alyssa@Teens Read and Write said...

A Deals A Deal could be the youngsters guide to con artistry!