Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kriten Hubbard, Nora Raleigh Baskin, MIchelle Cooper Shout-Out Day! (BP giveaway EED)

Today is Shout-Out Day. This means I will be giving a shout out to the Authors who have participated in the Birthday Phenomenon. They have all gone above and beyond to make this event happen. So what better way to thank them, then stopping by their sites!

To Gain Extra Entries Just visit the Authors Site. For each Author you visit tell me what you liked about it.  If you visit all 3 you get additional Entries. If you visit 2 you get 2 additional entries. If you visit 1 you get 1 additional entry.

After visiting those sites just leave a comment with something you like about there sites.
 (click their names to visit their site!)

(taken from her site)
Michelle Cooper

Michelle was born in Sydney, Australia in 1969. She attended a succession of schools in Fiji and country New South Wales, then went to university in Sydney. She started a Pharmacy degree, but didn't like it very much. She dropped out of her course in her final year and did a variety of jobs, including stuffing envelopes, selling ladies' shoes and working in a blood bank. Then she decided she should get a proper job, so she enrolled in a degree in Speech Pathology. She worked as a speech and language pathologist for fifteen years, helping students with learning problems. Michelle liked this job a lot. She got to watch students improve their literacy skills and become happier, more confident learners - also, she got to work in an office covered in Harry Potter posters and give herself smiley stamps when she did a good job.

Michelle Cooper is sposoring
A Brief History of Montmaray- 1 Copy & 1 Audio Copy

(taken from her site)
Nora Raliegh Baskin

Truth- I started writing seriously in 5th grade. I began with poetry.
All I remember about my first poem, was that it had something to
do with reincarnation. It was short but startlingly profound (so I
thought). But what I remember most was my teacher’s reaction.
She loved it. My life was changed. I had discovered the power of

Nora Raleigh Baskin is sponsoring
The Summer Before Boys- 1 Copy

(taken from her site)
Kristen Hubbard

A travel writer and young adult author, Kirsten Hubbard has hiked ancient ruins in Cambodia, dived with wild dolphins in Belize (one totally looked her in the eye), slept in a Slovenian jail cell, and navigated the Wyoming badlands (without a compass) in search of transcendent backdrops for her novels. She graduated from UCSD with a B.A. in Writing. When she’s not off wandering, she lives in San Diego, California.

Kristen Hubbard is sponsoring
Like Manadrin-
Bookmarks (signed)
Postcards (signed)

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Jessy said...

I like Michelle's bio.

I like Nora's picture of her 2 year old self!

I love Kristen's backround. With all the things maybe picked up from her travels.

findjessyhere at gmail dot com

Ronyka7 said...

Hi i visit 3

Michelle Cooper - Love her blog

Nora Raliegh Baskin - I love the section about her, the pictures are great.

Kristen Hubbard - I loke her blog

flaka.077 at g mail dot com

SpadesHigh said...

Michelle Cooper's Website:
I Like the color layout, it some what matches the theme on my page. It's very simple, and easy to move around the site and easily accessible. Most of her books are contemporary ya.

Nora Raliegh Baskin's Website:
It was really cool, i felt like i was in grade school. it had a scrap book kind of theme to it.

Kristen Hubbard's Website:
Her site had a travel feel to it.. each page you go to made you want to go somewhere out of the country. To explore new sites, to take wonderful pictures, and relax at different scenaries. i realy like this page.

GFC Follower: SpadesHighReads
Twitter: SpadesHigh
Tezza Valeros
TValeros18 @ gmail [dot] com or
Bayayrea_munkie @ hotmail [dot] com

Thank you for a chance to get more entries, I hope it does help. =)

Tore said...

Please enter me in contest. I would love to win.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Michelle's: I always appreciate light backgrounds, because they are so much more reader friendly. And look at that montage of books on the right--wow! :-)

Nora: Love the scrapbook as an entry point--clever! I also love that she has buttons to each page ON each page and the scrapbook photos on her "about Nora" page (and more white background).

Kirsten: My favorite thing is that she explains the significance of the background photos on her main page. :-)

thanks, Liz!! :-)

Jamie Kline said...

Michelle - I love that she was a speech/language pathologist. I imagine that would be a very rewarding job, helping kids learn!

Nora - I loved the layout of her webpage, it is too cute! I also like how she was inspired by the story of Helen Keller...I was really interested in her story as well when I was younger. It's just so fascinating!! I remember doing at least one report about her.

Kirsten - Wow, she makes steampunk jewelry? Well I'm in love then! I have a steampuck necklace and ring, I think they are beautiful and interesting pieces.

Linda @ Most Important Letter said...

I absolutely adore Michelle's blog design. ADORE. And Nora's design is so cute!!! :D Kirsten's photography is so awesome.

Linda @ Most Important Letter

Thao Huynh said...

Michelle Cooper: It's a very purple website, haha. I enjoy how she put her books at one side, and her tabs on the other; very organized. I like it, but not the colors. It seems too...bright.

Nora Raliegh Baskin: Her website is very girly, but in a good way. I like the colors a lot, and the design is very simple. Love it!

Kristen Hubbard: Again, the colors go really well together, but I'd like it better if the fonts were the same type. It's very organized, and I like how she added the updates of her novels first, rather than her life history. Her picture is beautiful also!

Maria said...

Michelle Cooper - The layouts very good, pretty but keeps your eyes focused unlike many pages that have to many disracting colours and affects.

Nora Raliegh Baskin - I liked Nora's Essays page.

Kristen Hubbard - Love the photograph in the background!:)


Jolene and Family said...

On Michelle's, I love the layout, simple yet pretty

I love the bright catchy colors on Nora's

On Kristen's I really love how the text travels over the background


Danah said...

Michelle's site - I love her bio & FAQ page. I liked they background/layout of her site too. She used to give herself smiley stamps when she did a good job. Ha! That's really cute.

Nora's site - I love the book layout of her homepage and then changes to a "torn notebook paper" layout. I love the old pics. I could hardly see her face in her kindergarten class picture though.

Kristen's site - I loved how the background is changing on every page. Yay! She has a fraternal twin. I used to wish i had a twin sister too. I love her about me photo. It was beautifully taken. (:


Kailia Sage said...

Kristen: the background and how the template is transparent!

Nora: the front page! The diary looking links and all of it!

Michelle: the simple layout!