Friday, April 29, 2011

Suzanne Selfors, Emily Franklin, Eilis O'Neal Shout-Out Day! (BP giveaway EED)

Today is Shout-Out Day. This means I will be giving a shout out to the Authors who have participated in the Birthday Phenomenon. They have all gone above and beyond to make this event happen. So what better way to thank them, then stopping by their sites!

To Gain Extra Entries Just visit the Authors Site. For each Author you visit tell me what you liked about it.  If you visit all 3 you get additional Entries. If you visit 2 you get 2 additional entries. If you visit 1 you get 1 additional entry.

After visiting those sites just leave a comment with something you like about there sites. (click their names to visit their site!)

(taken from her site)

I’m a writer of fantasy and the Managing Editor of the literary magazine Nimrod International Journal. I started writing at the age of three (though the story was only four sentences long). My short fantasy has been published in various print and online journals, and you can find links to some of my stories here. I was born, raised in, and currently live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Eilis O'Neal is sponsoring
The False Princess- 1 Copy ARC (signed)

(taken from her site) 
Emily Franklin

Growing up, Emily Franklin wanted to be “a singing, tap-dancing doctor who writes books.”

Having learned early on that she has little to no dancing ability, she left the tap world behind, studied at Oxford University, and received an undergraduate degree concentrating in writing and neuroscience from Sarah Lawrence College. Though she gave serious thought to a career in medicine, eventually that career followed her dancing dreams.

After extensive travel, some “character-building” relationships, and a stint as a chef, Emily went back to school at Dartmouth where she skied (or fished, depending on the season) daily, wrote a few screenplays, and earned her Master’s Degree in writing and media studies.

While editing medical texts and dreaming about writing a novel, Emily went to Martha’s Vineyard on a whim and met her future husband who is, of course, a doctor. And a pianist. He plays. They sing. They get married. He finishes medical school, they have a child, she writes a novel. Emily’s dreams are realized. She writes books.

Emily Franklin is sponsoring
Jenna and Jonah's Fauxmance- 1 Copy

(taken from here)
Suzanne Selfors

Born in Munich, Germany in 1963, Suzanne attended Bennington College and graduated with honors from Occidental College in Documentary Film Production. She received an MA in Communications from the University of Washington. She lives with her husband on an island in Washington state where they are raising two children, a dog, a cat, and a flock of messy chickens.

Suzanne Selfors is sponsoring
Mad Love- 1 Copy

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melissasmeanderings said...

Great to learn that Emily also writes adult fiction!

mk261274 at gmail dot com

melissasmeanderings said...

Suzanne's site is so cheerful and what a great pic!!

mk261274 at gmail dot com

melissasmeanderings said...

I can't get to Eilis's work browser things it is porn and blocked it!!!

Ricki said...

Suzanne Selfors has written a sequel to Smells Like Dog.

Blueicegal ♥ said...

LOL I have to say Emily's story is pretty spiffy xD

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

I think it's adorable that Eilis started writing at the age of three. As for Emily's site, the greeting flower graphic is absolutely GORGEOUS. It's simple yet sophisticated, just like her classy "about the author" photo. And I had forgotten she co-wrote The Half-Life of Planets, which I really enjoyed! :)

Jamie Kline said...

Eilis - Her website was pretty awesome, I loved reading her bio. I think it's so cute that she started writing stories when she was so young (obviously she want meant to do this!). And how cool is it, seriously, that her middle name is Arwen? That is so awesome!

Emily - I found it very interesting that she got an undergrad degree from Sarah Lawrence in neuroscience and writing. I have to say, I'm glad she gave the medical career idea the boot and focused on something she really loved!

Suzanne - I love how she has a resource for teachers to help incorporate reading more in the classroom with her books and make it fun for the kids. I developed a deep love for books and reading when I was young and I would love other young people to develop that same love.

GFC: JamesterCK

Ronyka7 said...


I visit the 3 sites, there greart, love to know more about the authors.

flaka.077 at g mail dot com

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Sorry I'm a bit behind on this one, I had to do it from home. I couldn't get to Eilis's site from work.

Eilis - the site is very professional. I like the blue background with the blown leaf effect and the slideshow of pictures near each link button.

Emily's site is simple but effective. Holy cow, she has a lot of books! I had no idea. *hangs head in shame*

Suzanne - awwww, how do you NOT love that photo with the collie? So cute! And now, I have to order Fortune's Magic Farm. :-)

Linda @ Most Important Letter said...

Eilis's is very professional. Which is great! :) Emily's has a beautiful background. :D And I had no idea she had that many books! Suzanne's tends to be more kid-oriented, I think.

Maria said...

Eilis O'Neal - Very pro, I loved The False Princess!

Emily Franklin - liked the about the author page, formatted and layed out well

Suzanne Selfors - Love how you can just click the books on the sides when you get to the home page.


Jolene and Family said...

I love how Eilis promotes her book right away and she gives you the option to buy her book with a great view of the cover or continue to her site

On Emily's site I love the simple layout and how not everything is listed at once and you have to scroll down to find what you want. It's all right there and you just click to where you want to go.

I love Suzannes sparkly picture. It's such a bright fun site


Danah said...

Eilis' site - Her site is so organized. I love how her "About Me" has a short version and a long version. Lol. I thought it was really cute that she started creating stories at a very young age. I'd love to know what happened to that frog who cried frozen tears. :P

Emily's site - I love how she wanted to be a "singing, tap-dancing doctor who writes books". Haha! She would be the coolest doctor ever!

Suzanne's site - I loved her homepage! I loved how her photo has twinkling stars effect. She's beautiful in that shot by the way. All her books are lined on both sides, i loved that!


Kailia Sage said...

Suzanne: her dog is the cutest thing ever!

Emily: the blue! The swirls and the leaves! It’s so simple but it looks really nice and it’s a site that I’d want to visit again!

Eilis: the blue and the leaves and the changing links. It’s really simple and nice looking!