Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sophie Jordan, Danette Vigilante, Amy Holder Shout-Out Day! (BP giveaway EED)

Today is Shout-Out Day. This means I will be giving a shout out to the Authors who have participated in the Birthday Phenomenon. They have all gone above and beyond to make this event happen. So what better way to thank them, then stopping by their sites!

To Gain Extra Entries Just visit the Authors Site. For each Author you visit tell me what you liked about it.  If you visit all 3 you get additional Entries. If you visit 2 you get 2 additional entries. If you visit 1 you get 1 additional entry.

After visiting those sites just leave a comment with something you like about there sites. (click their names to visit their site!)

Ten random facts that may surprise, confuse or amuse:
1) Chocolate solves all of my problems by relocating them to my thighs.
2) I think the Chi hair straightening iron is the best invention since air conditioning and Scrabble.
3) Story goes that Henry the VIII killed off my relative who was a rival for the throne. Had he lived to wear the crown, I would have been royalty. Oh well, I can still wear a tiara, right?
4) In college, I was in two honors fraternities (Psi Chi and Order of Omega) and a social sorority (Alpha Sigma Alpha), blending both the academic and social worlds.
5) I was clinically obsessed with grunge music and its various lead singers as an early teen when the flannel wearing genre was at its peak.
6) Black pants are my fashion staple. I have enough pairs to dress a small village.
7) I'm a certified night owl. I have a night owling license.
8) When I turned eighteen, I celebrated (and shocked my parents) with the rash addition of an eyebrow ring. I have the scar and pictures to prove a strange tweezing/sneezing reflex.
9) Germs freak me out, but Microbiology was one of my favorite college courses.
10) I love laugh out loud silliness...especially from my SNL favorites, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, and the late but great Chris Farley.

Amy Holder
The Lipstick Laws- 1 Copy (signed)
E.L.F Lipsticks
Taffy Lip Lollipop
Bookmarks (signed)
Lipgloss keychain
Lipstick Pen

Danette Vigilante

I’m a children’s author living in New York City with one husband, two daughters,
Mr. Noodle, my love hog Yorkshire Terrier andDaisy, a cat with a seriously bad attitude.

I grew up in a Brooklyn Housing Project and had a best friend whose name rhymed with mine. We went everywhere together and some people even thought we were sisters. Sometimes we’d say yes!

Speaking of names, it’s rare that people get my name on the first try so I’ll answer to anything ending with, ette. If you want to say my name, it sounds like this: Duh-net. Sometimes if someone is asking, "Where's the net?" I’ll answer, "Here I am!" My mom calls me Nettie and so do some of my nieces and nephews. Once in a while I’m simply referred to as Aunt Net.

I didn’t start out as a writer but I’ve always been a reader. I began writing seriously in 2004 withTROUBLE NO SET LIKE RAIN which later became THE TROUBLE WITH HALF A MOON.

Danette Vigilante is sponsoring
Trouble With Half a Moon- 1 Copy (signed)
Bookmarks (signed)

Sophie Jordan grew up in the Texas hill country where she wove fantasies of dragons, warriors, and princesses. A former high school English teacher, she's also the New York Times and USA Todaybestselling author of Avon historical romances. She now lives in Houston with her family. When she's not writing, she spends her time overloading on caffeine (lattes and Diet cherry Coke preferred), talking plotlines with anyone who will listen (including her kids), and cramming her DVR with true-crime and reality-TV shows. Sophie also writes paranormal romances under the name Sharie Kohler.

Sophie Jordan is sponsoring
Firelight- 1 Copy (signed)

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Juju at Tales of said...

Night Owl license? Love it!
And the best thing since Scrabble? Love it! Great post.

melissasmeanderings said...

Amy's site is so pretty...and I'd never heard of Grape Pies before!!

mk261274 at gmail dot com

melissasmeanderings said...

I love that Dannette included a picture of herself when she was young...I love reading authors bios! It adds so much to know where they are coming from.

mk261274 at gmail dot com

melissasmeanderings said...

Sophie writes paranormal under another name (her real name?) Cool Love how her site is divided by the three genres!

mk261274 at gmail dot com

Kristin Rae said...

I live in Houston and I've seen Sophie Jordan (or is her real name Sharie???) at a book signing or two (not her own). Still haven't met her though.

Scoot said...

I like how Amy Holder has pictures of herself from all ages and random facts.. it is always fun getting to know an author you like as a real person. :)

I have not read anything by Danette Vigilante before, but I see that she has a Yorkie so she must be good people. haha :)

I have read Firelight by Sophie Jordan and really liked it! I am excited for Vanish to come out. Not too much longer! I think it is nifty how her site is broken into categories by genre - making it easy to stick to my favorite (YA)!


Blodeuedd said...

Ahhh Chocolate, it sure solves problems

Jamie Kline said...

Amy - Loved her blog, the sound when it loaded scared me to death because I had my sound up! LOL. I loved her random facts. Microbiology was one of my fave college courses too, and we have the same SNL favorites! And I SO want to read The Lipstick Laws!

Danette - her page was really cool (again, the sound scared me when I opened it, but at least I had it turned down more this time!). Pizza is definitely my favorite food too, I could eat it everyday!

Sophie Jordan - LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!! I am obsessed with her Moon Chasers series (I recently just won a signed copy of book #2 and was SO excited!). So yeah, I've definitely been to her webpage before. I am definitely addicted to caffiene as well (but I'm a diet cherry pepsi girl...Coke is so ewwwww) and I DVR all of my shows, and like her I especially love reality TV.

as always ♥ Carol said...

I love the pictures Sophie has in her "Jacinda In The Wild" box they're so funny lol and different first time I've seen some thing like that lol.

I love Amy's sort of random facts they're cute like the "hate tomatoes but love tomato sauce" XD

I always wanted to change my name because people would always make fun of it butI've learned to love it. That's why I love how Danette embraces her name and makes it her own fabulous.

and most of all I love that each has a kind of cover to their blog Amy's is really fab! lol anyways awesome shout-out

as always ♥, Carol

♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

Whoop Whoop!!=) Great authors in the house!!

Shannon O'Donnell said...


With Amy's website, I love how feminine it is and the way things move and flutter when you scroll over them with the cursor and the gorgeous colors.

At Danette's site, I love the purple, the cityscape and twinkling stars (and the streetlamp is pretty cool too), and I love how the pages all blend together!

Sophie Jordan's site seems simpler until you click on one of her genres,then--pow!--coolness.

Thanks, Liz!

Ronyka7 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ronyka7 said...


I visit.

+1 Amy Holder I like tjhe Q&A and the about the author sections.

+1 Danette Vigilante I love her blog

+1 Sophie Jordan love her site.

flaka.077 at g mail dot com

Jessy said...

I like how Amy has pictures of herself growing up. Very cute.

I like the cityscape on Danette's site.

I like how Sophie's site is broken down by genre.

findjessyhere at gmail dot com

Linda @ Most Important Letter said...

Amy's website is cute! I love all the flowers, and I love how there's a little chime when you hover over something on the homepage! And I have to love the sound effects at Danette's. :D Hers is very cute. :) And I've been dying to read Firelight and Vanish! I loved Sophie's website. It's a little professional, but I loved the "Jacinda in the Wild" page!

Maria said...

Amy Holder - I love the little opener when you enter the home page, the layout is gorgeous!

Danette Vigilante - The colours and sounds!

Sophie Jordan - Looks very pro, and I love this author!:)


Jolene and Family said...

OMG, I love Amy's site, chic and so cute. Love the colors and the flowers and I love how everything makes a ding and get's a little bigger when you move the cursor over it

I love the city scape and noise on Danette's

I love Sophie Jordan and I remember after reading Firelight and traveled to her website I was surprised to see she also writes historicals and paranormal romance under a different name.


Danah said...

Amy's site - I love the fan! I love the moving butterfly (because it's blue. lol) But what i love the most is that there is a bell sound effect when you hover your mouse over the images.

Danette's Site - I love the urban design of her site. And same with Amy's site, it makes a sound when you hover your mouse over the links. The only difference is that her site honks! Lol!

Sophie's site - Sophie's is very simple, but i love the simplicity. I was laughing at her "Jacinda In The Wild" section. Firelight everywhere, Firelight invasion! LMAO! I also played the Firelight Puzzle Game. XD


Kailia Sage said...

Sophie: the front page is really simple but once you click on the links, the layout changes to incorporate the books!

Danette: the city?! It’s really cool and it gives her site a nice personality (I know that sounds really weird but it’s true). I love how the bottom of each page is different.

Amy: the flowers, the lipstick! Her layout is really cute and I can see that it’s made to incorporate her book!