Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lee Nichols, Ruta Sepetys, Jennifer Brown Shout-Out DAY! (BP Giveaway EED)

Today is Shout-Out Day. This means I will be giving a shout out to the Authors who have participated in the Birthday Phenomenon. They have all gone above and beyond to make this event happen. So what better way to thank them, then stopping by their sites!

To Gain Extra Entries Just visit the Authors Site. For each Author you visit tell me what you liked about it.  If you visit all 3 you get additional Entries. If you visit 2 you get 2 additional entries. If you visit 1 you get 1 additional entry.

After visiting those sites just leave a comment with something you like about there sites. (click their names to visit their site!)
Lee Nichols was born in Marblehead, Mass., raised in Santa Barbara, and now lives in Yarmouth, Maine. Which is probably why the four years she attended Hampshire College in Amherst, where she studied history and psychology, made her antsy. It was much too far from the ocean. She is the author of five novels for adults and the HAUNTING EMMA series for young adults. She is married to novelist Joel Naftali, who sometimes writes as Joel N. Ross, and they have one son.
Lee Nichols is sponsoring
Deception- 1 Copy
Betrayal- 1 Copy (these will go as a set)

I was born and raised in Michigan, the youngest of three, in a family of artists, readers, and music lovers. I grew up in a mid-century modern neighborhood full of creative characters and told anyone who would listen that I was going to marry Roald Dahl. I attended public schools with gray tile floors and had amazing teachers who inspired me. I then went off to college to study opera but changed gears, majored in International Finance, and lived in Europe. While in Paris I decided I wanted to live my life as a pretentious bon vivant so two weeks after graduation I
moved to Los Angeles and began working in the music industry. For thirteen years I survived the earthquakes, the fires, the smog, and polished my defensive driving
skills on the 405. Then one Friday, while staring at a package of hot dogs in the
grocery, I had an epiphany that I needed to move to Tennessee. So I did.

Although I continued my music work in Tennessee, the beautiful scenery and pace of
life allowed me to slow down, take a breath, and read even more. I contemplated becoming a hermit in the woods behind the library but was quickly reminded by my
parents that I was in grave danger of becoming a dowdy old maid with no one to discuss books or music with. Since Roald Dahl had inconveniently kicked the bucket, I decided I needed to find a beautiful boy and get married. So I did.  (to read more Click here)
Ruta Sepetys is sponsoring
Between Shades of Gray- 1 Copy ARC (signed)

Two-time winner of the Erma Bombeck Global Humor Award (2005 & 2006), Jennifer's weekly humor column appeared in The Kansas City Star for over four years, until she gave it up to be a full-time young adult novelist.

Jennifer's debut novel, HATE LIST (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers) received three starred reviews and was selected as an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, a VOYA "Perfect Ten," and a School Library Journal Best Book of the Year. HATE LIST also won the Michigan Library Association's Thumbs Up! Award, and received spots on the Texas Library Association's Taysha's high school reading list as well as the Missouri Library Association's Missouri Gateway Awards list, and has been nominated for the Oklahoma Sequoyah Award.

Jennifer's second novel, BITTER END, received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, and is scheduled to be released in May 2011.

Jennifer writes and lives in the Kansas City, Missouri area, with her husband and three children.

Jennifer Brown is sponsoring
Bitter End- 2 Copies ARC (signed)
Hate List- 2 Copies (signed)

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Zibilee said...

I have a copy of Shades of Gray, and I am looking forward to reading it soon. Thanks for the spotlight today!

melissasmeanderings said...

I loved to learn that Lee has adult books as well as YA

mk261274 at gmail dot com

melissasmeanderings said...

I loved the "collage" layout of Rut's site :)

mk261274 at gmail dot com

melissasmeanderings said...

I found it fascinating that Jennifer originally wanted to be an English teacher..not a writer!!

mk261274 at gmail dot com

Ronyka7 said...

Hi some of the author of this books are on my wish list.

I visit

+1 Jennifer Brown - I lover her HATE LIST is grat. read the firs chapter, definitely in my wish list.

+1 Lee Nichols - I want her books i have a long wish list.

+1 Ruta Sepetys her page is fun and the boo I wan it so bad.


therealsharon said...

Awesome books and authors!

Lee Nichols-I love her layout and her page is super user friendly

Ruta Sepetys-I LOVE how her home page is divided up in a survey type format with things she loves

Jennifer Brown-I loved her whole story about being a dreamer because I can relate to it!

Venus001616 AT hotmail DOT com

Jessy said...

I've only read 2 of these authors. I loved them both though.

I like the design and layout of Lee's site.

I loved the scrapbook-like feel to Ruta's site.

And I really enjoyed reading Jennifer's biography.

findjessyhere at gmail dot com

Kailia Sage said...

Really great authors!

Lee Nichols—I love the dark yet cute layout of her blog. I love how each of her tabs light up when you hover over them.

Ruta Sepetys—love, love the layout with the old papers looking backgrounds and all the pictures and stamps all around

Jennifer Brown—I love the simple layout that makes her site so easy to navigate.

Jamie Kline said...

Lee's page was cute. I was reading her "news" and liked her point about using pop culture references in books. I've read a lot of books that do this, and some of the older ones I just don't get. I think to myself "what are they talking about"? She definitely makes a good point, keep it more general, not use names just situations and then it will always be relatable.

I LOVE Ruta's website, the layout is awesome and it's just so pretty. I think it's amazing that she's visited 41 countries on 6 continents. That's amazing! The farthest I've been is Toronto, but I've always wanted to do a lot of traveling. I'll bet she has TONS of stories about all of these places! Also, I can't wait to read Between Shades of Gray!

I enjoyed Jennifer's page as well. I've heard nothing but good things about her books. I liked in the interview where she said that writing distracted her from noticing things like "ketchup on the ceiling". I have a 3 year old so I can totally relate...the other day I had little pieces of bologna stuck to the wall, courtesy of my little boy!


mendy said...

I love Lee's cute layout and it's easy to navigate.

I love Ruta's design of her layout.

I enjoy reading about Jennifer's childhood. It seems to me that she's born to be a writer.

Linda @ Most Important Letter said...

Lee's website was very professional yet artistic! :D And I just love collages, so of course I'd love Ruta's. :) And I kinda like how Jennifer dedicated a page specifically for each book. It gives more info.

Linda @ Most Important Letter

Maria said...

Great books by wonderful authors!:)
Lee Nichols- simple but stylish

Ruta Sepetys - Love this one, I really like when there's all that clutter and elements of collage and scrapbooking!

Jennifer Brown - Liked the FAQ Page.


Jolene and Family said...

I have lee nichols YA books in my TBR but I didn't know she also had adult books. Looked them up and they sound fun

I love how Ruta's sit has an old scrapbook feel

I love learning about authors and how awesome to learn Jennifer used to write for a paper