Monday, April 18, 2011

Carrie Jones; Christina Mandelski; Lara Chapman Shout-Out Day! (BP Giveaway EED)

Today is Shout-Out Day. This means I will be giving a shout out to the Authors who have participated in the Birthday Phenomenon. They have all gone above and beyond to make this event happen. So what better way to thank them, then stopping by their sites!

To Gain Extra Entries Just visit the Authors Site. For each Author you visit tell me what you liked about it.  If you visit all 3 you get additional Entries. If you visit 2 you get 2 additional entries. If you visit 1 you get 1 additional entry.

After visiting those sites just leave a comment with something you like about there sites.

Christina Mandelski

I have a fondness for the beach, my family and good books. I love to read (especially curled up with a good cup of coffee). I also like to travel, ride my bike, walk and go to the movies. When I’m not doing these things, I can be found in my little loft office, writing!

Growing up, I always had my face in a book, and at a pretty young age discovered that I also liked to write. At first I wrote romances that paired me and my friends up with certain pop stars from the 1980s. I moved on to the yearbook and newspaper staffs of my middle and high schools (which was great fun and I got out of class a lot).

In college I decided to get a degree in Creative Writing and many years later finally sat down and wrote my first novel for teens. I love to write stories about family, finding your voice, faith, friends and falling in love.

Somewhere along the line I married a Cubs fan/math genius/funny guy and had two super cool daughters. We live in the Houston area with a half-house cat, half-cheetah named Spencer

Christina Mandelski is sponsoring
The Sweetest Thing- 1 Copy (signed)
Lara Chapman
I admit it. I’ve always wanted to be flawless… you know what I’m talking about. That girl that always has it together – her clothes are perfect, jewelry just right, life perfectly organized and operating according to “the plan” she scribbled in her diary at the wise old age of 13. But the truth is I’m a mother of two with a killer sense of humor and a contagious, nearly-obnoxious laugh. More often than I care to admit, I’m in jeans and a t-shirt. If I’m wearing jewelry, I can’t promise it’ll match or make any sense. Honestly, if I had a dime for every time I’ve walked out of the house with one earring on…. As for “the plan,” I’ve realized life isn’t as predictable as we want it to be. And I’ll tell you a little secret… life’s a lot more fun when you don’t plan it down to the very last detail.

Lara Chapman is sponsoring
Flawless- 2 Copies ARC

(taken from her site) 
Carrie Jones
Carrie Jones likes Skinny Cow fudgsicles and potatoes. She does not know how to spell fudgsicles. This has not prevented her from writing books. She lives in Maine, but she grew up in Bedford, NH where she once had a séance with cool uber-comedian Sarah Silverman. Her house was terribly haunted. Pencils would randomly catch fire. Not good.

The Meyers brothers are from Bedford, too, so you’d think it would make Carrie funnier, coming from Bedford N.H. Obviously, something didn’t work.

Carrie has a large, skinny white dog and a fat cat. Both like fudgicles. Only the cat likes potatoes. This may be a reason for the kitty’s weight problem (Shh… don’t tell). Carrie has always liked cowboy hats but has never owned one. This is a very wrong thing. She graduated from Vermont College’s MFA program for writing. She has edited newspapers and poetry journals and has recently won awards from the Maine Press Association and also been awarded the Martin Dibner Fellowship as well as a Maine Literary Award.

Carrie Jones is sponsoring
Need- 1 Copy
Captivate-1 Copy
Entice- 4 Copies ARC

Take a minute to visit these fabulous Authors!

Christina Mandelski
Carrie Jones
Lara Chapman

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Nina said...

Great idea to do this. ;)

Zibilee said...

This is such a cool contest, and I loved that guest post with Christina Mandelski. I think it's so cool that she wrote stories in which her friends ended up with pop stars. I would have loved to read some of those!

TheBookGirl said...

I love these guest posts; I can particularly relate to giving up on the "flawless" idea...I gave up that ghost quite a while ago, lol.

Blueicegal ♥ said...

Okay I am just in love with the sweetest Thing cover! Ps this is very sweet of you :)

melissasmeanderings said...

Loved Christina's description of her cat Spencer as "half-house cat, half-cheetah" lol

mk261274 at gmail dot com

melissasmeanderings said...

Love the backround and header on Lara's site...looks just like the doodling I used to do in my notebooks!

mk261274 at gmail dot com

melissasmeanderings said...

Carrie has the funniest bio I have ever read! Loved it!

mk261274 at gmail dot com

Lucia (iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books) said...

Christina's site was cute. And the best part? The picture of the cupcakes. LOL. Yum.

Lara's site was so pretty! Flowers. <3 And then I took the beauty personality quiz on the website just for the heck of it! Haha. Apparently I'm a trendsetter. Pfft. Somehow I doubt that. *looks down at jeans and t-shirt*

The best thing on Carrie's website was the link to "Fudgsicles" under Important Stuff. Heehee!! Sadly, the link didn't work. But the very thought made me laugh!


Jamie Kline said...

I really liked Christina's page. Very cute and organized. I loved the pic of her as a little girl clutching a Little Golden Book. Those are the best, I used to have so many of those growing up! And seriously, I love how cute and colorful the cover of The Sweetest Thing is!!

Lara's blog is neat. I love the cover of Flawless as well, so pretty! I liked reading her bio, where she says she grew up loving school and she loved new school supplies. That is SO me, that was always my favorite part, getting new school supplies for the new school year!

I really enjoyed Carrie's blog. Liked crusing her bio - especially the "lowdown" list at the bottom. The "do not give her caffeine" part for some reason just makes me think of Gremlins - don't feed the Mogwai after midnight! Made me giggle, lol. Maybe I'm just overly tired, who knows. And like the other two authors, all of Carrie's book covers are GORGEOUS!

I enjoyed checking out the authors' pages!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway, the links...everything!

Danah said...
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Danah said...

Christina's site is very organized. It's very easy to navigate around her site.
I love her picture when she was 2, so cute and adorable. She reminded me of someone i knew.
I also love the one with her big brother. I love seeing siblings showing some love and because i have a brother too. I love her "pinned" photo on her home page and her background.
I used to spend a lot of my time editing pictures and do those using Photoshop.

Lara's site is so girly! The design of her site is so nice. I love the flowers!
I love her "Just 4 Fun" section. Since i was bored, i took all the quizzes. ROFL!
I clicked the "News & Events" and i was like "More flower borders!". XD
I enjoyed reading her bio too. Funny. I was LOLing at her kids. And yeah, I wish i was flawless too.

Carrie's site is simple, but i love it. First, because of her navigation bar.
Second, i love black & blue. Lastly, Carrie's about me is a big LOL.
While caffeine has that effect on her, mine is opposite.

I enjoyed the site hop. Love all of them and of course, the authors.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Carrie Jones is one of my VERY FAVORITES. Love her! Her site isn't as cool as some others, but since we get to look at the covers of her books, it doesn't matter!

I loved the background of Christina's blog--the papers and tape were too cool.

I love the colors of Lara's blog and the cute flowers, but most of all I loved her header!

Ronyka7 said...

I like this one.
I visit 3 sites

- Christina Mandelski - I like the section about her, and ofcurse her book.

- Carrie Jones - I love the section about her an the 11 facts about her so funny. and the section of the Need series.

- Lara Chapman - I like her section Just 4 fun, and her bio I like the most Lesser Known Facts about her is fun.


mendy said...

The picture of Christina when she was 2 is too cute.

I really like Lara's website layout.

Carrie's bio is too funny and random. I never read something like this before til now.

Kailia Sage said...

I love Carrie Jones' books!

Christina Mandelski—the nice simple background and the color schemes work really well together. They don’t hurt the eyes either!

Lara Chapman—the background, the flowers, the links make it easy to navigate!

Carrie Jones—the layout goes with her books and navigating the site is made super easy!

Linda @ Most Important Letter said...

Thanks to Christina's "writers" page on her website, I now have a few tips for my writing! I love Lara's design. Very artistic. :) Carrie's website was great too! I'm very envious of the menus for the pages because my Wordpress blog doesn't have menus, unfortunately. :/

Linda @ Most Important Letter

Maria said...

Christina Mandelski - such a cute website, loved the cupcakes!:)

Carrie Jones - What can I say, she's one of my favorite authors, everything an her websites great!

Lara Chapman - Loved the Just 4 Fun page


Jolene and Family said...

Loved Christina's site and am now craving a cupcake

I love the colorful flowers for Lara's header

Carrie Jones has a very professional looking website and it's very easy to navigate