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Alyson Noel: The Riley Bloom Series; Radiance: Shimmer

Reading level: Ages 9-12
Publisher: Square Fish; First Edition edition (August 31, 2010)


Riley Bloom left her sister, Ever, in the world of the living and crossed the bridge into the afterlife—a place called Here, where time is always Now. Riley and her dog, Buttercup, have been reunited with her parents and are just settling into a nice, relaxing death when she's summoned before The Council. They let her in on a secret—the afterlife isn't just an eternity of leisure; Riley has to work. She's been assigned a job, Soul Catcher, and a teacher, Bodhi, a curious boy she can't quite figure out.

Riley, Bodhi, and Buttercup return to earth for her first assignment, a Radiant Boy who's been haunting a castle in England for centuries. Many Soul Catchers have tried to get him to cross the bridge and failed. But he's never met Riley...

My Review

Radiance was such a great book, I could see it crossing over into the interests of a more mature teen. Though it's geared towards 9-12r olds. I felt Riley's character acted a bit older then 12. Other than that the book was smooth. It didn't have any hiccups. I was able to grasp the characters even in such a short time. I enjoyed Riley's character as well. She seemed to have a bit of a mouth on her but it seemed right for the book. I'd like to know more about Bodhi. I wish some of his secrets had been written.

I'd say this is a great short read, I think I finished this within an hour or so. It's definitely worth the time it didn't seem to take to read. I imagine any girl from age 9+ would enjoy Radiance.

Reading level: Young Adult
Publisher: Square Fish; First Edition edition (March 15, 2011)


Having solved the matter of the Radiant Boy, Riley, Buttercup, and Bodhi are enjoying a well-deserved vacation. When Riley comes across a young ghost named Rebecca, Riley soon learns Rebecca's not at all what she sees. The daughter of a former plantation owner, she is furious about being murdered during a slave revolt in 1733. Mired in her own anger, Rebecca is keeping the ghosts who died along with her trapped in their worst memories. Can Riley help Rebecca without losing herself to her own nightmarish memories?

My Review

Shimmer, Was so much more then Radiance. Actually Radiance felt like a stepping stone for Shimmer. Riley still had that attitude. FINALLY some of Bodhi's secrets about his life were revealed. His secret is shocking and heartbreaking. I truly felt for him, it left you with a little more insight to why Bodhi is the way he is. Riley really got herself into a tight one in Shimmer. It's funny all the while this whole situation played out I just kept thinking how brave she is. That maybe she needs to learn to find herself, because back on earth she did nothing but find and follow her sister. BTW..I am hoping in the next book we get to know a little about Riley's sister, Rachel.

Shimmer was much better then Radiance I can see this series really taking off. They are short reads but get to the point. I recommend this to anyone 9+.

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Blodeuedd said...

I have heard good things about her books. These ones and the other ones, so yes perhaps one day :)

Jenny N. said...

I do have Radiance in my reading pile so hopefully I'll read it soon.

jackie b central texas said...

I have the first series of books by Noel, have not gotten interested in this one yet but short and to the point sound perfect for the age group targeted!

Jennifer A said...

I just picked up Radiance a couple weeks ago, but haven't read it yet. It sounds really good! Plus, the books are super pretty in person. I'll have to read this one soon!

Jennifer of Little Shelf

Zibilee said...

These both sound really good, and like books that both my daughter and I would love. Thanks for your excellent reviews on both. I am off to add them to my wish list right now!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I've heard a lot of great things about these books. I guess I'll have to break down and read them! :-)

GMR said...

Glad to see that from the sound of it the series just gets better and better. Have yet to read any aspect of this one or the related one, but will certainly be in the future. Thanks for the review!