I loved the name Keema for a dog, Not a really good way to start a review but isn’t it a wonderful name?

  Shaya has nothing but problems since finding a feathered bracelet. Her brother has fallen ill and almost seems possessed. Or he could just be a bratty brother. Either way Shaya knows she is his only hope, the only problem is she doesn’t even know what to do to stop all the madness from happening. How do you stop something you don’t even know is actually real?
 Shaya is wise beyond her years. At some points I would have thought her to be much older. The book was short, though some of the characters were just supporting roles. They were all necessary for Shaya’s character to reveal her inner charms and courage.
I can’t believe how short this is. It took a blink of the eye to flip through the well plotted pages.  Boy or girl this won’t matter, it’s bound to spook anyone. This is full to the brim with excitement and a freaky fright. This is a great read for Halloween which is right around the corner, It’s even great for a camp fire read.

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