Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pam Bachorz; Drought Interview

Lets give a warm Welcome to Pam Brachorz. She is the Author of Drought and Candor.

What gave you the Idea to write about Drought?

As hokey as it sounds, a vision started this story. I was driving along a country road in upstate NY and I passed a dilapidated barn. In a flash, I imagined there was a table in the middle of that barn—with a cup of water in it.  A drop of blood fell into that cup.
For a long time, I didn’t know whose blood it was, or why it was going in the water. I made a lot of false starts before I got into the story that DROUGHT became.

Do you think Ruby's mother was a little insane?

I think two hundred years of captivity will make anyone a little crazy. She’s found a way to survive and protect her Congregation—with hardness, bravery, and unfailing protectiveness of her daughter. She’s changed very much from the pregnant girl who fled to those woods, only to be followed by her spurned fiancĂ©.

I can't help but feel Drought could have a sequel, Will it have another addition?

I would be delighted to write a sequel, and in fact have done a lot of work towards one already. Time will tell!

If you could describe Drought in one sentence, What would you say?

Captive girl with life-giving blood must choose between love and loyalty.

Now for my Random Question. Picking a natural disaster to endure which would you choose?

Well, seeing as how I specialize in paranoia, I have actually considered this quite a lot. I reject earthquakes because they come without warning and your survival is really up to chance. The same is true for tsunamis and giant solar flares. Having lived in Florida during a couple of very active hurricane seasons, I can say I’m really done with that. I don’t even like sleeping at the beach because the waves sound like a hurricane. So, I’ll take a monster blizzard, so long as I have a fireplace, wood, and a pile of wool sweaters. If Laura Ingalls Wilder can do it, so can I!

You can find my review of Drought here.

Visit Pam Bachorz here.

A big thank you to Pam for taking the time to answer my questions. Also a huge thank you to Jennifer at Goodman Media International, Inc. for putting this tour together.



Juju at Tales of said...

Great interview.

I adoooore sleeping to the sounds of waves ;) *le sigh*

Blodeuedd said...

Nice interview.

I do wonder about this book. So many questions, and strange things going on there

♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

Wow. Inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime. Good thing you were able to recognize the start of a novel.

Great interview!!=)

Jenny N. said...

Great interview! I'd love to see a sequel for Drought.

Meredith said...

Can't wait for this one! Thanks for the interview!

Riv Re said...

Great interview. Short, sweet, and funny. Pam, so glad you had that vision. Just so you know, you are Queen of Endings! I've reviewed both books on my blog recently,

GMR said...

Wow...that is some way to start the book off! It only goes to show you that you never know when where or how inspiration will strike next. Enjoyed the interview! Happy reading...

Ladytink_534 said...

I used to make up little stories in my head passing people and places in the car when I was younger. Very cool idea for Drought though!

Alyssa@Teens Read and Write said...

Interesting how her vision inspired the book - great interview! I'm fine with a blizzard too - as long as I'm warm and well fed!