Thursday, February 17, 2011

5 W's Reviews (who, what, where, when, why)

The 5 W's mini reviews. Are short and quick reviews. This does not mean that the books were taken lightly or that the were not as good as any other book. This is just a way for me to get through all the books I have read and a way for me to keep track of the books.

Swoon at Your Own Risk; Sydney Salter

How to Be Popular; Meg Cabot

Avalon High; Meg Cabot


Avalon High seems like a typical high school, attended by typical students: There’s Lance, the jock. Jennifer, the cheerleader. And Will, senior class president, quarterback, and all-around good guy.

But not everybody at Avalon High is who they appear to be…not even, as new student Ellie is about to discover, herself. What part does she play in the drama that is unfolding? What if the bizarre chain of events and coincidences she has pieced together means—as with the court of King Arthur—tragedy is fast approaching Avalon High?

Worst of all, what if there’s nothing she can do about it?

Avalon High Review

Who: Ellie was a fantastic Main Character. She proved to be smart and strong heroine.

What: What makes reincarnation possible. That is something to ponder while reading Avalon High.

Where: High school is where much of the book took place but the real place where the action took lace is the Ravine.

When: This took place in our place in time but it has flashes of history throughout it.

Why: Ah...Why you should read Avalon High. There are many reasons I'd say to get your hands on this but one of the main ones is Will. Finally a guys character who is good to the female species.

How-Meg Cabot's Website


Do you want to be popular?
Everyone wants to be popular—or at least, Stephanie Landry does. Steph’s been the least popular girl in her class since a certain cherry Super Big Gulp catastrophe five years earlier.

Does being popular matter?
It matters very much—to Steph. That’s why this year, she has a plan to get in with the It Crowd in no time flat. She’s got a secret weapon: An old book called—what else?—How to Be Popular.

But don’t forget the most important thing about popularity!
It’s easy to become popular. What isn’t so easy? Staying that way.

How To Be Popular Review

Who: Steph he Main Character could be mistaken for wannabe or poser. If you want to be popular there are extremes to take.

What: What was Steph thinking to become popular and almost sell her soul to do so.

Where: The book mainly took place at school and at a book shop Steph's family ran.

When: When will Steph be satisfied with herself or stop trying to make a name for herself.

Why: Why you should read How to Be Popular. There are some incredible characters, memorable boys, nasty catty girls and the the high school food chain.

How-Meg Cabot's Website


You’d think Polly Martin would have all the answers when it comes to love—after all, her grandmother is the famous syndicated advice columnist Miss Swoon. But after a junior year full of dating disasters, Polly has sworn off boys. Now she’s just trying to survive her summer job at Wild Waves western-themed water park (under the supervision of ex #3 Sawyer Holmes) and focus on herself for once. So Polly is happy when she finds out Grandma is moving in for the summer –think of all the great advice she’ll get.

But Miss Swoon turns out to be a man-crazy sexagenarian! How can Polly stop herself from falling for Xander Cooper, the suddenly-hot skateboarder who keeps showing up at Wild Waves, when Grandma is picking up guys at the bookstore and flirting with the dishwasher repairman? And why, despite her best intentions, does Polly keep letting boys get in the way of her relationship with her best friend Jane?

No advice column in the world can prepare Polly for what happens when Jane convinces her to go on a group camping trip with three too many ex-boyfriends and the tempting Xander. Polly is forced to face her feelings and figure out if she can be in love—and still be herself. After all, true happiness doesn’t come from a boy. It comes from within. Well, maybe it a little bit comes from a boy . . .

Swoon At Your Own Risk Review

Who: Polly just might be one of the most memorable characters. She is quite funny. She seems to embarrass herself quite often.

What: What's the point of getting the guy if you get the wrong one?

Where: Swoon At Your Own Risk took place at the pool where Polly worked but I think the best parts took place at her ow doorstep.

When: This took place in current times, I do recommend this for a summer fun read.

Why: I swear you will crack up reading this. Though Polly was bit flaky she was sure fun to read about.

Sydney Salter's Website



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