Monday, September 6, 2010

Jason Ancona; C.Y.A Covert Youth Agency

  • Paperback: 258 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace (August 2, 2010)


An elite group of nerds fight school injustices by running a clandestine operation in high school.

The C.Y.A., a.k.a. Covert Youth Agency, hacked into the digital school sign and posted their message: -- If ever you're in need of help and you have nowhere else to go, seek out the C.Y.A. We're always watching and we're here for you --

Peter "Pi" Samuels, a fourteen-year-old sophomore, runs the shadow operation at Trenton High School.

Pi's obsessed with the high school band's lead violinist, who's as beautiful as the music she plays. When she contacts the C.Y.A. to find out if her boyfriend cheated on her at a party, Pi's objective becomes clear. Prove that her beau was unfaithful. Then maybe Pi will be the perfect should to cry on.

Pi schemes to destroy his love's boy-toy, all while avoiding a deranged coach bent on exposing an untraceable geek squad for hire. The Covert Youth Agency.

My Review

When Jason contacted me to read C.Y.A I jumped at it. The story plot was one I could see myself enjoying. So when I finally got it in the mail I inhaled this book in one sitting. C.Y.A was fascinating and I could see how the Authors love of comic books came into play. Don't get me wrong this isn't a comic book. PI's character was amazing.  I can see how any girl could fall for PI. Lighthouse was a character I could relate to, her sense of anger was something I went through when I was younger. But I have 5 brothers.  The character development was stupendous.  All the characters played a wonderful role which made the book well rounded.  It's not often a book pulls me in and doesn't spit me out till the end yet this one grabbed hold.
 There were only a few minor issues I had with the book. Yes, I mean minor!  First, the use of a female during her menstrual cycle as being on the RAG was gross.  I know she was being crude but even being crude the choice of words is usually what a man or guy would say. The second is I felt the characters acted much older. I could see them being 17  not 14.  There wasn't anything that was explicit. Nothing that I would be alarmed about. Though sex and drugs are mentioned. See not much really to be disappointed with.  I even love the cover, it fits in perfectly with the book. Speedy and Awesome plot was enough to invoke a reader until the very last page.  Did I mention it was just an all around fun read? I know what you are thinking, Yes you are missing out! Hurry go get this one! ( I also couldn't break the ladybug code.)

  I do intend to keep this on my shelf. I also plan to continue reading Jason Ancona's books.

 You have to watch this video. I can only assume Jason Ancona made it himself. It's so funny! It was posted on amazon under the reviews for the book.

To find out more about the C.Y.A click here to go the the website. It's a lot of fun. Plus you can find some eggs! There is also an IPad contest!!


Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

Interesting review! Sounds nice that the characters seemed realistic, except for those minor issues. :)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Liz, my budget can't keep up with your convincing reviews! :-)

Agent Ancona said...

Sorry about the offensive use of that menstrual word (won't repeat it here). It is more of a male term, and yet Delia used it with her mom when she was extremely angry with her. My apologies.

And your point about the characters seeming older is noted. Will have to think about that with characters going forward.

Thanks again for the review.

Jason Ancona

Nina said...

Sounds great. Glad to hear that the characters developement was great! oooh, that does sounds very gross. Not a great part of the book, I reckon.

Juju at Tales of said...

Sounds cool. Fun name!

brizmus said...

This sounds like an adorable read! I think I would really love it, especially as I also love comic books!

(the menstrual word of which you speak - I know plenty of girls that use it on a regular basis - it is pretty icky, though, right?)

Jenny N. said...

Havent heard of this one but it sounds sound like a fun read.

GMR said...

So glad you enjoyed this unexpected treasure....sounds like an interesting one indeed! Happy reading...

Faye said...

Probably not a read for me but it sounds interesting. Lighthouse...thats an awesome name for a character. Thanks 4 your review :D