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Alexandra Ivy; Embrace the Darkness

  • Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Zebra (November 1, 2007)


Is He Her Mortal Enemy—

Lady Shay is the last of her kind. Half human, half Shalott, her blood is a precious aphrodisiac to vampires, who consider it more precious than gold. Though Shalotts are renowned assassins, a curse held over Shay lands her on the slave auction block, where her fate is uncertain...

Or The Man Who Will Risk All...

Viper, the beguiling chief of a deadly vampire clan, can't explain his longing to possess the beautiful Shalott who once saved his life, but now he is free to do anything he wants with her. Strangely, while he desires both Shay's blood and body, he wants her to surrender willingly.

To Save Her Life?

A hidden evil has been stalking Shay since she left the slave market with Viper. It is an evil that endangers the very existence of Viper's kind, and there's no reason he should court such danger just to protect a Shalott. But the love he feels for Shay is enough to make him willing to go to hell and back if it means spending an eternity with her in his arms....

My Review

A while back I picked up When Darkness Comes The first in the series of The Guardians of Eternity. I didn't take a liking to the book. You can read the review here. I said there was a character in the book that grabbed my attention even though he wasn't a big part in it. Viper. What a name, almost cliche. I later found out he was the protagonist in the second in the series. Every time I wanted to pick up a romance book I thought about his character, which is so not like me. After all it's a character in a book. Viper. Which was in a book I didn't even care for. His name called to me. Viper. I did say in that review I would try the series another time. I gave in...Viper ....I picked it up ....Viper..... and decided since his character wouldn't let me go, I might as well give in and satiate my need for this character.  VIPER!

 Embrace the Darkness was a dash of smooth and a pinch of sexy. Viper seemed unsure how to get Shay to step out of her shell and drop the shields. Shay had to battle her entire life just to survive. Embrace the Darkness was quick and never slowed pace.  Some of the time I couldn't help but compare this to Twilight. ERRR a More ADULT version of it. Shay however was not as wimpy as Bella.  The story bases are different but one that can be appreciated.  I did enjoy the jazzing between all that characters. I even felt as if I knew the secondary characters. There were a few points I didn't care for again with the catch phrases. Instead of "Bloody Hell" it was "Devil's Balls". Though I believe there was a bloody hell in there some where. I am learning to look past that. The book was only slightly predictable. Also the names were very 80's. Not much to gripe about with this one. Over all a great read.

 I have already picked up the next in the series..Dark Everlasting! Viper may have pulled me into this series I am hoping Styx can keep me holding on.

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Kaitlyn (Kaitlyn in Bookland) said...

Great review! I love when secondary characters are so memorable. Do you think you need to read the first in the series or could you just pick up the second one?

Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

Sounds delicious! and you already have the next one? Great review, I'm ready to read it!

Teens Read and Write

Juju at Tales of said...

Great review :)
Very 80s? *giggle* I think I like that ;)

Jen said...

Glad to see that you tried the novel over again!!! I did the same thing with another book, which now happens to be one of my favorites!!!

kavyen said...

Great review. You sure make me want to read more about VIPER... :)

~M.A.CHASE said...

Thank you so much for the review :D

Guess what! You've recieved an award! Go over to my blog to pick it up!

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