Saturday, July 17, 2010

Question? Yes, that means you my fellow bloggers

I have some questions and I was hoping you wouldn't mind putting in your opinions.


I follow a ton of people by choice..I enjoy the content. I have noticed lately there are few of the people I follow who have no interaction back with me. I don't mean that they need to or should comment back. It's just that If I ask questions (yes multiple over time) and get no reply..not even in a comment on their own blog. I do know it's hard to get back to everyone and follow all of the people who follow you. I do however try my hardest to comment back as much as possible. (except contest posts)

  So One of My question is Should you or would you continue following the blogs if you feel are just another number to them or do you feel it would be an overreacting?

I have been thinking about meme's. Right now the only one is have is Treasure Trove Tuesday's.  I am debating on starting another....

So Another question is Should I or shouldn't I start another meme for a weekly advent?

So I am putting together another crazy idea...

If you could pick from these things to win what would it be? Or if you have some ideas that maybe popular in a realistic price range. (sorry can't buy you that house near the shore)
Gift Card
A mass amount of books
Book Shelf

So Can you help a fellow blogger out and answer these little question??


BrittLit said...

I think you should follow people based on how you feel. If you really enjoy someone's blog you should keep following it. Unless, it really bugs you that you get no response. If they do seem to respond to some people maybe you should just unfollow them and work on building relationships and supporting other bloggers.

Juju at Tales of said...

A. Please please please tell me I'm not one of those folks. Sometimes it takes me time to write back but I love and cherish every one of my readers :)

B. I agree. I've had that happen from time to time. I prioritize the people I follow in my Google Reader (I have them in categorize). If its someone who sees me as just a number, then they are in a low priority list and I still follow but don't take the time to comment.

Hope that helps!

bkobsessed17 said...

If you're not interacting with the people on the blog, then I don't think you should keep following- that's my feeling anyway. But if you don't really care then why not keep following?

To naswer your other questions, I think memes are always great. It's good for the person running the blog, but for me, as a follower, it's hard to keep up with so many blogs having other ones too. But you should do what you want. And, for your last question, of course I would want the house by the shore but I'd settle for a ton books!

Julie P said...

I follow based on content, but I do try to limit the number of blogs I follow to a maximum of 100.

As far as the commenting thing, I always try to leave comments if a post interests me. I know I have read other people's comments that claim they are more "lurkers" than "commenters". Some people aren't comfortable leaving public comments. I would continue to follow.

And for a prize--I would always go with a gift card. You can't go wrong with those!

Spav said...

Well, I usually try to answer when they ask me questions directly, but it is true that I'm a "lurker" (is that even a word?). Anyway, I usually follow because I like reading different opinions of books (I'm always trying to find new ones), but I don't usually comment much unless you ask a question on the post.
As for the prize, books & GC are my choice, especially since I'm international and I couldn't win most of the others. :)

Book Crazy Jenn said...

I am with you, I follow like 400 blogs - it's tough to comment on all of them, and lots of time I become overwhelmed so, I click - all read LOL - sad I know...but sometimes, I have to.

But with questions on the blog, I TRY to at least answer on the post, if not email the person - I would hate to think someone asked something and I missed it...though sadly I guess I might sometimes. I hope I did not miss one of your questions!

As for the giveaway - I am thinking no matter what it is, it's gonna be epic, especially with those choices!

Kelley Vitollo said...

Personally I try to comment back on people who comment on my blog. Sometimes comments slip through my fingers, but I try to reply on mine and visit theres.

Donna said...

I certainly try to answer questions posted on my blog in some form, either by email or in the comments section itself. Really, it's just rude not to answer. That's why I have comment notices coming to my inbox so I don't miss too much. I don't follow any blogs with much intent so I probably wouldn't even notice or remember if my question went unanswered but if you follow for a reason and the blogger doesn't interact with you at all, I think that would be grounds for dismissal. Why keep putting in the effort?

As for memes, that's entirely up to you!

StephTheBookworm said...

I follow tons of blogs too, so it is definitely hard to be able to comment all the time. I think it is important to follow the blogs whose content you enjoy! Stick with those blogs.

Nayá said...

I follow the blogs I like to read. I don't want people to follow mine just to be there... It`s not good. I feel like this. And I DO like people to comment to what I write, I feel like I'm not writing for the spams to read only. *hahaha*

I like meme's, but it depends on what it is. If I see the same kind of meme's everywhere I don't feel like reading the post.

You are creative, I do think you should create a new meme. =D

I would pick either the Ipod, the amount of books or the camera. I wouldn`t choose the bookshelve because I live in Brazil, so the giveaway wouldn't be international. HAHAHAHA

Good luck! =D

GMR said...

Hi there! Let's see, you want answers, here's my two cents...

A. I don't know that I wouldn't follow them any more as it can be hard to make it to every blog, but I would consider if I read their site or not. I can be a bit picky when following sites. It's nothign personal, it's just that if I don't think I am going to be reading it on a constant or semi-regular basis, I can't afford to add it to my Google Reader, it just gets over crowded and I end up missing it anyway. I'd base the follow or not to follow on your reading habits as opposed to theirs.

B. MEMEs can be fun, just don't let them dominate your site. 2 regulars, 3 when in a pinch seem to be a good amount, well to me anyway...but it is your site. ^_^

C. Your contest prize ideas are tre magnific! I'd go for an ipad (if that could be the ereader mentioned), gift card, massive amount of books, and/or bookshelf....because really, how can you ever have to many of those?

There...a very wordy yet opinionated response. Hope it's what you're looking for! Happy reading... ^_^

Janet Ruth said...

The reason that I follow blogs is because I enjoy the blog content, and if people don't respond to my comments, I guess I don't even know it. I rarely go back to a post to see if there has been a response to my comments. I would be interested in participating in more memes, but haven't found the right ones yet. Can't wait to see what you are planning for a new meme. As for the ideal giveaway prize ... I would choose an Ereader or gift card.

Tore said...

I like all of your choices but my top 3 would be a reader, ipod or bunch of books.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I follow a ton of blogs and I can't really comment as much as I would like too, but if someone comments on a review or post of mine (minus giveaways usually) then I try and write back on my post or comment on something of theirs if I can. I figure it's a way of saying thanks. You should follow the blogs you get something out of and enjoy...and if having a good interaction with the blogger is part of that, that's fine. Nothing wrong. :)

As for giveaways...ipod, camera, gift card. Love all those ideas. haha

I don't many memes. I think they are cool if the idea is good!


Kristen said...

Wow, I feel like one of those bad bloggers that never responds to people.. at least not on my blog. Although I am pretty horrible at reading an email and letting it sit for a week or two.

Anyways, I try my best to comment when I can and interact, but sometimes things get busy and I feel like I can't blog, read, review, and comment/tweet/etc all in a day. So, my advice really is just - follow who you want. I do love commentors that have an email attached so I can just comment from my inbox, but I can't always do that.

As for memes - I feel like some weeks I only get comments on memes. I do two big ones - IMM and It's Monday, What are you Reading - and the reason I have never stopped is that it helps me keep track of books coming in and books I've read and all that jazz. Otherwise, if a meme doesn't feel fun, I ditch it. I used to do WoW and Teaser Tuesdays.. but it just got dull.

For contests.. I think gift cards are usually big hits. Then you can buy what you want.

G'luck with all the changes and contests and whatnot! :-D

Kaitlyn (Kaitlyn in Bookland) said...

I think bloggers should always try to comment back/interact with their readers. Isn't that what blogging is mainly about? I know we all want to share our thoughts, but half the fun is getting comments, commenting on other blogs and making new friends! I don't know if I would necessarily unfollow (is that a word? I'm making it one) them, but it would probably change how often I actually try to interact with them.

I've been toying with the idea of meme's myself. In some ways I think they are cool, and then on the other hand I feel like everyone does them and you lose your uniqueness. I go back and forth about every hour on this one haha.

I think an ereader would make for an epic, epic giveaway. Gift cards are always good, as well, because then you can buy what books you want :) There is something to be said for winning a mass amount of books, it always feels good! Also, a book shelf would be way cool. My bookshelf is so full, as I'm sure many other people's are.

James Garcia Jr said...

Hi, Liz. I still live and die a little bit on the amount of comments that I receive. Sometimes it feels a bit sad when it appears that no one is paying any attention. I just recently visited an uplifting blog that I love and wondered why it had been so long since I had been back. Obviously, some are interested in increasing their totals, but others are simply busy.
Meme's are cool. I have been doing the Book Blogger Hop, and am thinking of branching out to another.
You know, in terms of prizes, I'm happy to win most anything. Gift cards or books are perectly fine. I don't think it has to be a beach house, although an invite to your family's for a holiday would be lovely. My kids are older now, so they'll just plug into their gadgets! Take care.

Readerly Person said...

My thoughts...

1. If you aren't feeling happy/pleased by the blog's content/community, than by all means leave - following blogs is supposed to make you happy, after all, right? Myself personally? I usually follow blogs for the content, not for whether the blogger comments back, etc. etc. (Although - if I were in a situation like you seem to be in, where multiple queries were going unanswered, I would get annoyed too.)

2. If your meme is interesting, unique, and fun, by all means go ahead. My only problem with memes is that they tend to get repetitive after a while.

3. Top choices: gift card or books. Close seconds: iPod, e-reader, bookshelf. Not even close: camera.

Hope this helps!



Tynga said...

A - I think (?) i'm answering all questions I get in comments, but I don't reply to every comments when no questions are asked. Don't it make sense?
As far as other people's blog, I love to answer questions and discussions, so those post are the ones I mostly reply to ^^

B - A simple house would be fine, who needs a shore anyway? *winks*
I honestly prefer book prize or stuff like X$ from Book Depository and stuff like that. And I don't like multiple extra entries giveaways.


If you like reading their blog, then why not follow? But if it really bothers you, and you see that perhaps they answer other bloggers then do what would make you feel better.

Following a blog should make you happy. If your unhappy with the blog's content/community, then, there really is no reason you should follow them.

Hope I helped : )

Chas @ LLL Reviews said...

I've been thinking about this as well for a while now.

I have 300 followers on my blog but only a small picking of faithful commenters. Even though i would love to have more comments I am able to utilize the number of followers in other ways.

For instance some bloggers dont like trolls but I see them as essential to a contests success. When a follow is required to enter then ppl will click to follow in order to enter but then if they dont click and do not follow them our contest receives fewer entries which then can cause it to be canceled.
IMO, I am okay with those who like to just enter contests. Although I may be in the minority ion saying so.

I am like most where I follow many other bloggers as well and visit as often as i can. If I really love a blog I subscribe via email but even then i will read it on the road and later forgot to log on to make comments.

But when people comment on my blog I try to track them back to their blog and leave a comment back. I have even encouraged in my blog post to leave their blog link or on my reviews i use Linky Tools so that others can connect their reviews.

Commenting is time consuming so I appreciate every comment that comes in and do my best to comment back. I've noticed that since I started blogging I am on the computer much longer then I ought to be.

As for memes... I do enjoy them. I like quick and simple ones. I hope you find a meme that interest you!=)

Aloha and happy Blogging!!=D

Chas @ LLL Reviews said...

BTW, personally I love posting comments on blogs that do not have word verification. It can be a pain to type in. Also I love this pop up window so then it doesnt disrupt the postings.

Bee said...

I think you should follow blogs that you are interested in. It's completely your call.
I like memes. You could introduce some more if you want. I have no problems with them.
Also, among the list I'd choose the Gift card and the mass amount of books!


Nikki-ann said...

If you enjoy a blog then I'd say to continue reading it whether or not you get any interaction back from the author when you ask questions (though it can be annoying if questions aren't answered). I do try to answer any questions left at my blog. Either way, it's your call.

I'm all for memes :)

I never cease to be amazed at the kindness of people doing Giveaways in the blogging world! Quite frankly, I'd be happy to win anything!

DL Hammons said...

I've thought about your first question a lot myself. There are followers...and there are FOLLOWERS. What I've done is make two categories in my Google reader - Interactive blogs, and all others. The ones that leave me comments regularly fall into the first category and those are the ones I read continuously. The others, I get to those if I have extra time.

Second question, go for it! Why not.

Third question, gift card. Its so universal.


Patty said...

I am a new blogger and am still trying to get the hang of all of this...I love when people respond and comment on my blog and I respond back to them. I try to leave comments on blogs that I love to read but sometimes it is overwhelming. Contests can get out of control...I still have no clue what a meme is...but sometimes...themes are overwhelming...when I first began blogging seeing what everyone else got in the mail just made me sad...wordless wednesdays, open your book to a page...I just don't get the point...I want to blog to interact with other book reviewers...and yes yes yes...a gift card...

Riv Re said...

1) I think you should follow blogs you like. I don't like the idea of following millions of blogs if you won't check them. Personally, I check every single blog I follow every day.
2)As for memes, I think it depends on the meme. One or two memes for a blog isn't as bad as say, 7 daily memes which literally fill up your whole schedule.
3)I'd LOVE an EReader, GC, or books. It depends a lot on how much. What's the price range? $150?

Hope this helps ;)

LeksiDesigns said...

It is hard to comment back all of the time, but I try to at least acknowledge theirs on my blog.

I just stopped my to also let you know I gave to a Blog Award!! To get it go here:

HAppy Sunday!

Melissa said...

I try to respond to comments on my blog, but I don't always get to them right away. When I am reading posts on the blogs that I follow, I tend to post when I have something to say, but sometimes' I just don't have the time to post a comment. Unfortunately, that happens a lot more than I would like.

bookaholic said...

I try to comment back. I sincerely try but sometimes I fail to do so, I admit. And follow whoever you want! You totally have the freedom to choose which blog you want to follow and which you do not!
I like memes. You can introduce a few if you want to.
GCs and mass amount of books sound lovely!

Mel said...

I follow a lot of blogs, but comment only occasionally when there is something that catches my interest. Time wise, I don't have a lot of time to comment, so I do appreciate it when the blog owner comments back or responds when I took the time to comment. If someone comments on my blog, I try to acknowledge that one way or another--sometimes for the memes I do comment back to multiple people in the same comment on the blog, but that is for simplicity sake. I think it is important to acknowledge our readers, so I would understand not wanting to follow someone who isn't acknowledging that you are reading their content.

Memes are great. Feel free to do as many as you like.

Books and gift cards are always welcome--it helps me feed my addiction without emptying my pocketbook.

I hope that helps and makes sense.

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Great post!! I've thought about the lack of interaction thing myself. Honestly, I probably would stop following if you asked a question and they never answered it. I definitely stop commenting on people's blogs if they have never interacted back with me. it's like talking to a wall, ya know? It's not like I expect a comment for every comment, everyone gets busy, but if someone has never replied, that just makes you feel unwelcome at their blog.

i gotta say i would probably enter any contest, but an ipod sounds really good and you would get tons of entries with an ereader!!!

Alexia561 said...

Interesting discussion! I'd have to say that if someone ignored my questions more than once, I would probably downgrade their blog in my reader. I have a hard time unfollowing someone, but do stop reading and commenting on certain blogs as often. I try to comment back, but it isn't always possible.

As for prize wins, I'm a sucker for gift cards and mass amounts of books! :)

Violet said...

1. I try to respond to all the comments on The Eager Readers, but I am sure that I've missed some during busy weeks. On the other hand, when I comment on other blogs, I often lose track of posts and forget to check back to read the blog author's response. So that has led me to feel fairly relaxed about whether or not a blogger responds to my comments. I love carrying on full conversations in the comments section, but I don't feel too disappointed if a particular blogger doesn't chose to continue the conversation.

2. Memes are fun and remind me to travel around the blogosphere and connect with other readers & bloggers. If you have a great idea for a new one, you should definitely give it a try.

3. Gift cards to bookstores are always lovely & easy to ship or email. :)