Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Maria Lucia Author Guest Post

Today we give a warm welcome to Maria Lucia.  Maria is the author of Liberation. She was kind enough to take over my blog for the day. 

Where did you get your idea and inspiration for Liberation: Book One of the Andrusian Chronicles? 

I have been in the Washington D.C. metro area for the last few years. Since my arrival I’ve become very involved in the story of how this nation became what it is. It has caused me to go beyond the political arena for answers to real issues. It has evoked a deep sense of caring for this nation and our planet’s future. Living here makes folks explore that often. While I was visiting the different monuments and returning to them often, scenes for the book began coming into my consciousness.

The places mentioned in Liberation are real places in the city and spaces where I saw the scenes occurring. It is my passion for what occurred here 234 years ago that began the inspiration for this manuscript. My passion for the exploration of our galaxy and the study of the universe expanded it and my obsession for Dr. Michio Kaku that gave it form. According to him, and he is one of the leading physicists, multi dimensions are a reality. Realities that we cannot see can be affecting us every day.

That combined with humanity’s current hunger for more expansion and the desire for sustainability for our planet, ignited a fantastic story that has become Liberation, Book One of the Andrusian Chronicles.

This paranormal fantasy challenges the readers to explore different realities than the ones they are accustomed to exploring. It makes them think and question if the entire story could be true. It takes on a journey that touches them deep inside and ignites them. Many readers have not been able to put the book down once they start it.

Liberation is for those of us that love other worldly places. It’s for those of us that get inspired by the things that go beyond our senses and our visual capability. This fantasy is a creation of what might be as a future that is not based on destruction and what we might have to do to get there. It makes the reader look at the larger picture and the powerful forces both for good and evil that lay hidden in a dual world such as earth. My inspiration came from wanting to know the answers to the questions that lay deep within my soul, from wanting to see things in a more expanded way. It caused me to create a story that addresses the current times.

Creative people draw from all around them, from their lives, their love affairs, their friends and engagement with the world around them and from what they are drawn to as a result. I got inspired that way, by whatever touched me about our current existence on this awesome planet, and in this nation, good or bad!

Born in Havana, Cuba, and having immigrated to the United States in 1960, Maria possesses a true and in-depth understanding of the power and unlimited potential of evolving and beginning again. A University of Memphis education graduate and a professional musician and vocalist, Maria moved deeply into the study of music and launched a very successful musical career in 1984, which included experiencing music on the performance level with a world renown jazz assemble and on the educational level as well. Her experience includes programs for gifted children in the public school system and creativity seminars for musicians at the university level. She has been a musical director for church programs, composer of music, and a producer of concerts. In 1997, Maria launched her first school focused on spiritual heart studies and became a full time spiritual growth teacher. She has traveled nationally, performing and delivering seminars for more than twenty years. She is the author of “The Heart’s Unraveling,” a guidebook for her current school and is working full-time on her writing and the launching of her new book, “Liberation: Book One of The Andrusian Chronicles.”  

Liberation Book One of The Andrusian Chronicles Synopsis

 With journeys into dimensional worlds, interactions with fantastic characters and creatures, and revelation of the current struggle between the spiritual forces of good and evil, LIBERATION draws the reader into a world where the spiritual dimensions and reality converge.  

Thank You Maria for taking the time to entertain us today!
A Huge Thank you to Rebecca for making this happen. 


Rebecca Camarena said...

Thanks Cleverly Inked for hosting Maria Lucia during her virtual book tour. This is a fantastic read.

Polkadotting said...

Interesting where she got the idea for the book behind the foundation of our Country.

Bottle Topper said...

She has done quite a bit in her life. Liberation seems like it would be an interesting read.


Fabulous interview!

Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

Great guest post. I'd love to visit DC. The book sounds intriguing!

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