Friday, June 11, 2010

Foto Friday 7

Normally I post inspiring pictures, But today I am posting Libraries I hope & wish to visit one day!

This first one Is the Library of the University of Gdansk in Poland
Nope, I don't speak Polish but my husband does. My little monster will too. Anyhoo it looks Rickity Rad!

Kansas City Public Library

Ok so this one is not a Library but COME ON, It's a LIBRARY HOTEL!!  If I make it to the BEA next year this is were I'm staying!

(that's also if I win the lotto:D)

What are some places that you desire to visit??


Stacy at A Novel Source said...

those pictures are so neat!!!
and if i could stay at that hotel i think i will have died and gone to heaven!

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Lol, great picks! Is that a hot butler of some sort I see in the hotel room waiting to hand you your books...? :D

~M.A.CHASE said...

I love these pictures.

Where would I like to visit?

Tokyo, Japan. That would be amazing :DD


Kimberly Franklin said...

That library is awesome! :)

Kristin Rae said...

VERY neat!

GMR said...

Can I say LOVE the post? Oh wait, I just did. ^_^ Can't add to your list of bookish places to visit but if posts like this keep popping up, my future travel list will definitely be getting a few new additions. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa R said...

OMG a Library Hotel, I'd think I'd died and went to heaven.

Vatche said...

Hey, Liz, I'm a new follower but I could already tell that I'm going to fit in. I love the hotel library thing, hopefully one day I will get to stay there myself.

Awesome pics and post.

Write on!

Juju at Tales of said...

The Library Hotel: I found that place on line months ago and was instantly in love :)

What a hot library (the Polish one)!

Jenny N. said...

Cool this post just reminded me of this special I saw on TV about libraries in China having automated library machines.