Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sarah Beth Durst, Shari Maurer, Angie Frazier & Jessica Leader Shout Out (EED)

Today is Shout-Out Day. This means I will be giving a shout out to the Authors who have participated in the Birthday Phenomenon. They have all gone above and beyond to make this event happen. So what better way to thank them, then stopping by their sites!

Sarah Beth Durst(taken from her site)
Sarah Beth Durst
Sarah Beth Durst is the author of Ice, an Andre Norton Award Finalist for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy, as well as Into the Wild and its sequel Out of the Wild. Her next book is Enchanted Ivy, a YA novel about getting into college. You know, taking the campus tour, talking to the gargoyles, flirting with the were-tigers, riding the dragons...

Sarah was born in Massachusetts as Sarah Angelini and grew up in Northboro, a small town in central Mass that later became the setting for her debut novel.

At the age of ten, she decided she wanted to be a writer. (Before that, she wanted to be Wonder Woman, except with real flying ability instead of an invisible jet. She also would have accepted a career as a unicorn princess.) And she began writing fantasy stories.

She attended Princeton University, where she spent four years studying English, writing about dragons, and wondering what the campus gargoyles would say if they could talk.

Sarah lives in Stony Brook, New York, with her husband, her two children, and her ill-mannered cat. She also has a miniature pet griffin named Alfred. Okay, okay, that’s not quite true. His name is really Montgomery.

Cleverly Inked Button
Sarah Beth Durst
10 ICE postcards (signed)

Shari Maurer lorem ipsum(taken from her site)
Shari Maurer
I am a YA writer who grew up in New City, NY and came back to raise my family there. I went to undergrad at Duke University and grad school at NYU, studying English and Dramatic Writing and yelling loud at basketball games. After school, I spent six years at the Children’s Television Workshop (now Sesame Workshop), working on international versions ofSesame Street and other kids’ programs. I met my husband, Mat, at sleepaway camp when we were 17 and there are times we still wish we were back at camp. My three kids, Lissie, Josh and Eric make me laugh and have been my biggest fans. Life is good.
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Shari Maurer
5 Change of Heart mini soccor balls

(taken from her site)
Angie Frazier
Angie lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two daughters, their big black lab, and a pair of highly destructive cats. Her debut young adult novel, EVERLASTING, is the result of an overactive imagination, an addiction to historical research, and dozens of vintage travel posters plastered to the ceilings of a cottage she rented one long, snowbound winter.
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Angie Frazier
5 Everlasting bookmarks (signed)
2 Everlasting pins

Jessica Leader
(taken from her site)
Jessica Leader

Jessica Leader grew up in New York City. Like the characters inNice and Mean, she had many important conversations in the stairwells of her school and on the cross-town bus. In high school, she won a playwriting contest that led to her play being produced all over the country. She earned her undergraduate degree from Brown University and her MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. In between those two events, she taught English and drama, first in New York and then in Louisville, Kentucky. Nice and Mean is her first novel. For more information, go to Oh wait, you’re already here. Well, if you still want more info, read the long and sweet bio on the right.

Cleverly Inked Button
Jessica Leader
2 Nice and Mean bookmarks (signed)

To gain extra entries in the Birthday Phenomenon visit each Author and leave a comment about what you enjoyed about their site.

(thats right you can get up to 3 additional entries today!)
You gain an entry for each authors site you visit and tell me about what you liked. You choose how many you want to visit!!!

Links to the Authors sites

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Erika said...

i like jessica's layout, and i like the advice to writers section. very helpful!

angie's site had a lovely color scheme, and it was very soothing to browse through

i liked that shari's site was so happy and cheerful-looking. her favorites section was also nice to browse through, and i found some interesting new books to add to my TBR.

lastly, sarah's site went so well with her book, and i really liked that. the fairy tales section was also really interesting

elizabeth said...

I like the sticky note like tabs on Jessica's website. It makes it fun to navigate her site.

I like that each of Angie's books has their own page on her site.

I love the layout on Shari's website! The flowers are so beautiful.

I also like the layout on Sarah's website. The snowy forest scene is gorgeous! I also like the Fairy Tales page. It is fun to read Obscure Fairy Tales, so I bookmarked it to read later!

Katie said...

On Jessica Leader's site, I love the stickies at the top of the pages. Her bio is also too cool with a long and short version.

Shari Maurer's site is so sweet with all of the flowers at the top.

Sarah Beth Durst's list of Obscure Fairy Tales is too cool!


Evgenia said...

I like Jessica's site. It' s so stylish and simple at the same time.

I love font of Angie's site. It's remind me about fairy tales.

I like page about favorite books and cover of book CHANGE OF HEART from Shari's site

I like great pattern with snow of Sara's site

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I'm dying to read Ice - I think the cover is spectacular!! In fact, all four books look interesting. :-)

bookaholic said...

I love the Fairy Tales section on Sarah's page.
Angie's site is so serene with all that soothing color scheme.
I love the look of Shari's site...such colorful flora!!

Elizabeth Morgan said...

I really like the front page as a notebook. It makes it more exciting.

My favorite part of Angie's is definitely the older looking feel. The red and Orange background.

The bright Flowers are the best on Shari's sight.

The white and purple on Sarah's really complement each other.

luiloth said...


Jessica Leader - I enjoyed reading her "OAOs" (Occasionally Asked Questions) and I liked her garbage collector answer to "Did you always want to become a writer?"

Angie Frazier - I really like the imagery of the homepage with the vintage scrapbook and the old fashioned price tags for the books' links.

Shari Maurer - Her colorful webpage makes it very inviting. Plus including a link to the website, "Register to become an organ donor" due to the book's subject matter is profoundly moving.

Sarah Beth Durst - Her homepage background of the ice covered forest corresponded with each of her book covers in a unique way - in view, color or design. I liked her easy to navigate sidebar on the homepage. I loved the 'Obscure Fairy Tales' page and following the links to her blog, her entry on April 05, "Tweeting the Tales: Hans Christian Andersen" is hilarious.

Amy J - Book Addict said...

Angie:I love the book design layout!

Shari:I love the bright flowers at the top of the page! Very colorful!

Sarah: I love the background image!!

Jessica:I like how it is set up like a notebook!

Amy J

EVA SB said...

I like the lesson plan on Sarah's Educators Page and the links to her posts about the fairytales.

I love Shari's Favorites page

I love the design of Angie's site - parchment and books - great!

I like Jessica's 'Nice Stuff, Mean Stuff, Fun Stuff' page

Tina said...

I love the design of Jessica Leader's site! It's really cool :)I also like the moth's polls, they're great!
The Angie Frazier's one is cute, and I like that it's well structured and clear.
In the next one, the Shari's site, I like the section of favourites, where the author posts some good books she's read. I think it's good that the authors recommend other books besides their own books.
Finaly, the Sarah Beth's website has a lot of things. The section I like the most is the one for educators, which is really good for all of them, it have really good plans.

ChickLitGirl said...

I love Jessica's site! Its so funky and fun! Plus I really like the whole adorable notebook layout.
Same goes for Angie Frazier. He antique book layout is really cool, and I loved her blog!
Shari's site was really fresh, with those flowers. Shes so pretty herself! And Change of Heart sounds really interesting. I really would love to read it!
I LOVE that 'fairy tales' link on Sarah Durst's website! Im really gonna read em soon.

Brianna Bruce said...

Here's what caught my eye at each of the sights:

1. Jessica Leader's website had a quirky, fun notebook as her home page, which I liked.

2. I loved Angie Frazier's sophisticated, old-timey home page, with the brown background

3. Shari Maurer's colorful flower design was cute,

4. And I thought that Sarah Beth Durst's website was magical!

I believe that would be four entries extra. Thanks!

Emma Kate "Coops" @ Whats Cracking Coops said...

I love the home page on Sarah's site. Very mythical and creative!And her list of obscure fairytales, LOL! Have to check 'em out some time!

The banner on Shari's site is AWESOME! So colourful and pretty!!!

Angie's site is cool because of the layout! You can tell I'm a very visual-minded person, hahaha.I thought it was great that an author used a BOOK theme so well and beautifully for their website! But the layout also changed throughout the pages...very fun!

And the BEST bit about Jessica's site was her advice to writers :) FAB!

linz said...

Shari Maurer
Her favorites page is really helpful. It points you in the direction of some good books.

Angie Frazier
I like the guest book. It's a neat idea.

Jessica Leader
The nice stuff, mean stuff, fun stuff page is fun. I like the poll and the giveaways.

Sarah Beth Durst
I saw her newest book and I immediately want it. Looks so cool. I really like the fairy tales page and the excerpts. I love excerpts.

Giada M said...

Jessica Leader' site has a very lovely layout with beautiful colors and nice pictures. I LOVE her Advice to Writers section. It is very useful.

Angie Frazier's site has an awesome homepage and I like her blog.

Shari Maurer's site has very bright and beautidul colors and I like her Favorites section.

Sarah Beth Durst's site has the awesome ICE cover in homepage! I love Obscure Fairy Tales section (many I didn't know!).

Giada M.

fabgiada @

Brodie said...

All four sites - gorgeous designs! *lusts*

I love the flowery banner on Shari's site. So pretty. And her favourites page - I need to check out some of those books she mentioned!

OOh I like the Fairy Tales page on Sarah's website, so interesting! And the excerpts because I'm really interested in her books.

I love the book page for Angie's "Everlasting". It's sounds so good - anything that combines magic, romance and Australia is on my to read list! Aussie pride!

I love Jessica's Advice to Writers page (because there can never be too much of that) and her monthly poll question!

Kailia Sage said...

Jessica Leader-- I love her layout! Its so fresh and fun, plus her advice to writers page had great advice!

Angie Frazier-- I love the page for Everlasting!

Shari Maurer-- The flowers and the colors and her smiling face on the front page gives a very welcoming feel!

Sarah Beth Durst--I loved the front page with the Ice cover! And Enchanted Ivy looks like a good book!

Readerly Person said...

Jessica's layout rocks. Looks just like my notebooks during college except cuter!

I really like the color scheme of Angie's site - it's warm and calming...

I love the "Favorites" section on Shari's site - I always like seeing what people are reading.

The Fairy Tale page on Sarah's! I'm obsessed with fairy tales, so I always love reading more about them.

- Rebecca