Sunday, May 23, 2010

Elizabeth Scott, Gail Carriger, Amy Huntley & Meridi Myer Shout Out (EED)

Today is Shout-Out Day. This means I will be giving a shout out to the Authors who have participated in the Birthday Phenomenon. They have all gone above and beyond to make this event happen. So what better way to thank them, then stopping by their sites!

Gail Carriger (taken from her site)
Gail Carriger

Ms. Carriger began writing in order to cope with being raised in obscurity by an expatriate Brit and an incurable curmudgeon. She escaped small town life and inadvertently acquired several degrees in Higher Learning. Ms. Carriger then traveled the historic cities of Europe, subsisting entirely on biscuits secreted in her handbag. She now resides in the Colonies, surrounded by fantastic shoes, where she insists on tea imported directly from London. She is fond of teeny tiny hats and tropical fruit. The Parasol Protectorate books are: Soulless(Oct. 2009), Changeless (March 2010), and Blameless (September 2010). Soulless won the ALA's Alex Award.

Gail Carriger
Changeless book (signed)

Meridi Myers
(taken from her site)
Meridi Myer
Meridi Myers is the author of Titus and Atreus, the first book in The Angel Saga, a fantasy series for young adults. Growing up, her favorite books were Philip Pullman'sHis Dark Materials, and J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan. Her fascination with the idea of other worlds helped inspire her to write Titus and Atreus.

Meridi graduated in 2008 from Russell Sage College, and currently resides with her family in upstate New York. She has a Chihuahua, two Great Pyrenees, and three cats. When not writing, she likes to read, play video games, and play the piano.

Meridi Myer
Titus and Atreus paperback (signed)
Titus and Atreus bookmark (signed)

(taken from her site)
Amy Huntley
On any given day you can find me book hopping between children's books and 19th Century British literature. Or between a great young adult novel and an adult spy thriller. A teacher of 18 years, I use my career as an excuse to read 100 or more books a year. After all, I'm just trying to put the "right book in the right student's hands." My own young adult novel, The Everafter, will be published by HarperCollins in the fall of 2009.

Amy Huntley
The Everafter hardback (signed)
3 bookmarks (signed)

(taken from her site)
Elizabeth Scott

I grew up in a small town in southern Virginia, and I do mean small — we didn't even have a post office! My parents were both teachers, and they both taught at the local high school.
You can guess what's coming.
Yep, that's right. I ended up having both my parents as teachers, and actually took classes with my father for three years.
As nightmarish as that sounds, it actually wasn't so bad. In a high school as small as the one I attended, it was pretty much a given that if I took certain classes, I'd have my parents as teachers, so it wasn't really a shock to see them listed on my class schedule. Plus, when I was in class, they both treated me like I was any other student. In fact, my mother made me give up my seat because I talked too much! I still haven't forgiven her for that. (If you read this, Mom, I'm just kidding, I swear!)
After I graduated from high school, I went to college. I had all these huge plans involving a glamorous career (in what, I had no idea, I just knew I didn't want to live in the middle of nowhere) and I'd also sworn I'd never get married. Naturally, I ended up majoring in European Studies, which prepared me for only the most unglamorous of jobs, and met my future husband when I was a freshman.
Speaking of jobs, I've had a bunch over the years — I've been an editor (I didn't say I was a good one!) and an office manager (which is a fancy way of saying secretary). I've also sold hardware, pantyhose, and even worked for a company when they were as prolific as weeds. (I burned cds, and the job was just as boring as it sounds.)
I write young adult novels, and frankly, don't ever see myself writing anything else. I read a lot, and I love all kinds of books, but young adult books hold a very special place in my heart. Being a teenager is both the most amazing and the most frightening thing — there's so much going on with you, your friends, your parents, and handling that and school and having to think about your future... it can be really exciting, but it's also a lot to deal with!
It always astonishes me when people talk about how easy it is to be young, because it isn't easy at all. I remember some of the books I read when I was growing up so vividly, not just because they were wonderfully written, but because what was in them really spoke to me. I believed authors like Judy Blume knew exactly how I felt in a way no one else did, and writing books like that, books that really speak to you, is my dream.

Elizabeth Scott 
2 Love You Hate You Miss You hardback (signed)

To gain extra entries in the Birthday Phenomenon visit each Author and leave a comment about what you enjoyed about their site.

(thats right you can get up to 3 additional entries today!)
You gain an entry for each authors site you visit and tell me about what you liked. You choose how many you want to visit!!!

Links to the Authors sites

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YzhaBella (aka Kate) said...

WOW! The The intro to Maridi's site is amazing! it's not often you see so much "entrainment value" added to a book introduction! It's like a really good movie site!

Amy Huntely's site is really unique. I like how it's easy to navigate and you can find the book info easily. Although, it seems to have been designed using a wide-screen, I couldn't see the entire pages =(

Thanks for the introduction to some new authors!
Kate (aka YzhaBella)

Katie said...

Gail Carriger - I love her blog! It is super quirky and fun!

Meridi Myer - Wow! Just Wow! Her site is just amazing. Everything is well thought out and fun!

Amy Huntley - I like the trailer for The Everafter.


ChickLitGirl said...

I really like the simple layout of Elizabeth's site. The Unwritten Rule is in my TBR pile, and I cant wait to read it!

I like the funky layout of Amy's site. Its really cute, and I enjoyed going through her pics!

Gail's site's header is SO cute! And I loove her background.

Meridi Myer's site seriously takes the prize. The intro is FABULOUS! And the whole site goes perfectly with her books' theme!

bookaholic said...

I love how Elizabeth Scott signs as 'diva Elizabeth'. The plain blue colored simplicity of the site is very soothing.

I agree with Katie. The Everafter trailer in Amy Huntley's site is lovely!

Gail Carriger's site is so well laid out and interestingly informative.

Meridi Myer's site is awesome! Super entertaining and so much fun! (Thank you so much for introducing me to her site)

Milli said...

Awesome authors!

Karla said...

The Everafter trailer is really great.Meridi's site is so pretty and the book site is fantastic. I have never seen a book site that looked like that. I love Elizabeth Scott. Hers site is easy to navigate an it was easy for me to learn more about the books.

luiloth said...

Elizabeth Scott - I liked her book page with each book listed. Mainly because I'm an idiot, I was looking for the book in the giveaway - 2 Love You Hate You Miss You. Thinking it was text speak, I could not find any book starting with "2" until... facepalm! She's very generous in offering two (2!) books and I'm still an idiot. ;)

Amy Huntley - Her page is very simple to use and the trailer for the book was intriguing. Also, the translucence glow of the orchids on "The Everafter's cover is gorgeous.

Meridi Myer - "My God! It's full of stars!" Sorry, total geek moment. I loved the intro and the music and the way the title graphic with the mirrored image matched the concept of the book. Plus, my 12 year self came out to play with the curser making the icons squeak. ;P

Gail Carriger - She really has a fun website; there is so much detail to the era in which the books take place. I liked the video about creating a book cover (oops, Eiffel Tower - ha-ha). My favorite part was the "Soulless" Victorian dress up doll. Prepare to spend a lot of time exploring it all, it's worth it the effort.

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

I want to read all of these authors' books! I don't know where to start!

Amy J - Book Addict said...

Gail: i love the old style photos!

Amy: I love all the pictures!

Elizabeth: Easy to find all her books!

Meridi: I love all the movie like features on the page!

Amy J

Emma Kate "Coops" @ Whats Cracking Coops said...

Sweet! :D

I loved that Gail's site matched her book covers! There was just the "feel" to it and everything complimented each other. The making of the covers was fabulous, too. I love artsy stuff like that :D

Meridi; The intro :) It was cool! Very dramatic and almost like the trailers to real movies :D

Elizabeth; I LOVE her book covers. They're so funky. So THAT was the best bit for me when I went around her site, having them pop up all the time! LOVE 'em! :)

I liked the photos and the trailer at Amy's website. The colours in the trailer were COOOOOL :D

Erika said...

i love elizabeth scott, and i've been reading her blog forever! i love her posts! her book covers are great, too. my favorite is the one of her latest, the unwritten rule, which is a great book.

i love that gail's site is so quirky and fun. the alexia's london section featured the making of the cover, and it was really fun to watch.

i liked that meridi's site had a great intro. the layout's beautiful, it was very fun to browse through the site

amy's site was simple and i liked that her nav bar was no-fuss. the book trailer for the everafter is awesome, too.

Tina said...

The site of Elizabeth Scott is simple but has a great structure, it's very clear.
About the Smy Huntley's site I love the pictures, they're very nice.
In the next one (Meridi Myer's one), wooow, it's awesom!!!! I love the intro, and the desing is beautiful. It's really original! I've loved it.
Finally, in the Gail Carriger's site, I love her photo of the top of the site, and I also love the 'The Making of a Book Cover' video.

elizabeth said...

I love how Elizabeth's website had a Webmail Form to contact her easily. Great feature :)

Amy's website had a great background. I also like the Pictures section.

Meridi's website is fun. The intro is great! I love it. (by the way her book is awesome!)

Gail's layout was beautiful. I love the old-fashioned feel it gives. I also like the Steampunk section because I never knew exactly what stempunk was. Thanks, Gail!

linz said...

+1 Elizabeth Scott
The books page is awesome. I LOVE the cover for Grace. So pretty, and yet haunting. I like that it shows future projects.

+1 Gail Carriger
Gail's books are amazing. I really love her blog and the whole Victorian and/or 20's vibe of her site. Both era's are favorites of mine.

+1 Amy Huntley
The pictures page is cute! It's nice seeing an author interact with her fans.

+1 Meridi Myer
All of the special effects are so cool! I really enjoy how she spun her links into a solar system. love anything to do with outer space, so I love her site.

Brianna Bruce said...

1. Elizabeth Scott's website was nice. The cover displayed on the front page is complemented well with the deep sapphire background.

2. I loved the geometric (I think that would be what you would call it) feel of Amy Huntley's home page.

3. I loved the intro for Meridi Myer's website! It was gorgeous, so well-done.

4. Gail Carringer's website had a cool front page, and I loved her clever blog!

I believe that's four extra points. Thank you so much!

Giada M said...

Elizabeth Scott's site is very easy to navigate and I like the News section.

Amy Huntley's site is still under construction, but I like the Pictures section!:)

Meridi Myer's site is AWESOME with a beautiful intro. *_* And it has a lovely Media section!

I adore Gail Carriger' site with Alexia's London section, Steampunk section and Shop section! Can't wait to read her books!*_*

Giada M.

fabgiada @

Elizabeth Morgan said...

Elizabeth: I love the front cover of her book the unwritten rule. It seems mysterious.

Amy: I like the soft colors of her front page. I also like knowing about her on the front.

Gail: I love her blog. It is totally unique and wonderful

Meridi: I love the galaxy look to the site it is really cool.

Brodie said...

I really enjoy reading Elizabeth's blog, she has some great posts. And her book page, I didn't realise she had written some of those other books! I was aware of a couple, but I'm glad I came across the others. They're now on my wishlist.

I love Amy's page for The Everafter. I adore the cover and have been interested in this particular book for a while. So the page was full of great info - praise/mini review things, trailer, audio!

I love the picture of Gail on the main banner of her site. So elegant! I love how she addresses her readers as "Gentle Reader" - her writing style is really lovely, not to mention funny! I'm going to backread some of her blog posts.

I love Meidi's intro! Oh my, I'm a huge astronomy lover, so her site is just absolutely gorgeous. I think I could spend all day looking at it haha. The beautiful site alone makes me want to read her book.

EVA SB said...

I like Elizabeth's simple web design and the personal tone of her bio.

Amy's site is still quite simple and I like the info give on her requests a visit page.

Meridi also has a simple but beautiful design and it is very easy to navigate around her site and find info clearly presented.

I love Alexa's Page on Gail's site wiht all the costume sketches.

Kailia Sage said...

Elizabeth Scott-- I like how simple her layout it and easy to navigate. Plus she has her books on the first page!

Amy Huntley--I love the colors and the layout, even though its not a finished site!

Meridi Myer-- I like how the layout is for the book, it makes it look really nice!

Gail Carriger-- I love the colors and the menu bar on her site! Its looks like a nice and welcoming site!

Readerly Person said...

Umm... Elizabeth Scott is Elizabeth Scott! Period. I love her bio - it's so irreverent and funny!

I love the design on the top left of Amy's site, and how flowers appear there when you click on the Everafter page.

The animation on Meridi's site is amazing AND well done - clean, stylish, excellent.

First off, I'm so looking forward to reading Gail's books. But about her site... I probably like the picture of her drinking tea the most. :)

- Rebecca