Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Christine Brodien-Jones, Janni Lee Simner, Rachel Ward Shout Out (EED)

Today is Shout-Out Day. This means I will be giving a shout out to the Authors who have participated in the Birthday Phenomenon. They have all gone above and beyond to make this event happen. So what better way to thank them, then stopping by their sites!

(taken from her site)
Christine Brodien-Jones
I live in Gloucester, Massachusetts - the oldest seaport in the country - with my husband Peter in a tumbledown seaside house. I work in a corner of the living room by the window, with a view of the sea, on a huge Shaker desk littered with carved wooden owls. When the wind blows in from the north, my house creaks like an old ship. Gazing out over the salt marshes and boats, I can see sky and waves and shifting colors. It's easy to imagine distant places and mysterious other worlds.

I love writing for children because I remember my own excitement reading books when I was young: the nooks and crannies of my hometown library, the musty smell of old pages, and the sheer joy of escaping into a book. My hope is to fire the imaginations of young people so they can treasure and love the amazing power of stories.

THE OWL KEEPER was published this past April by Random House/​Delacorte Press. My next book for Random House will be a fantasy-adventure set in Morocco. I'm represented by Stephen Fraser of The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency.

Christine Brodien-Jones  is sponsoring
The Owl Keeper: The Owl Keeper hardback
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4 business cards
ceramic hand-painted owl from Argentina

Janni Lee Simner was born aboard a pirate ship, but as soon as she came of age booked passage with a caravan bound for the Sahara, and spent the next decade as a seeker of lost cities, hidden tombs, and ancient artifacts. While hiding from assassins in the lost Library of Alexandria, however, she discovered she really preferred telling stories, and so she settled down in the Sonoran desert to write, interrupted only by the occasional map-bearing stranger or man-eating Gila monster.
Well, okay, maybe that's not how it really happened, but it's definitely how I wish it happened. The truth is I was a pretty cowardly kid. I probably would have been kicked off that pirate ship once they learned I was scared of heights and climbing; I probably would have starved on that caravan, because it used to be I wouldn't eat any foods I hadn't already tasted.
But at least I was never afraid of scrapes and falls and getting my hands dirty, and I did get braver as I got older, thanks in part to some Girl Scout camping trips, as well as to Scout journeys to Wyoming and Mexico--both pretty far for a New Yorker who used to be able to count all the places she'd visited on one hand, with fingers left over. Eventually, I got so brave I took the stories I'd been writing all my life, forced myself to finish and revise them, and began sending them out into the world.
My first novel for teens, Bones of Faerieis a post-apocalyptic fairy tale, set after the war with Faerie has destroyed much of the world. My secondThief Eyes, is a contemporary fantasy based on the Icelandic sagas, Njal's Saga in particular. I'm also working on Faerie Winter, a sequel to Bones of Faerie.
I've written three books for younger kids, too--most recentlySecret of the Three Treasures, which is about a kid who's determined to live a life of adventure from the start, and who isn't about to let small things like still being in elementary school, too young to book passage to anywhere (these days even caravans require major credit cards) get in her way.
I've also published more than 30 short stories for kids, teens, and adults, including appearances in Cricket magazine, Gothic! Ten Original Dark Tales, and Moving Targets and Other Tales of Valdemar.
These days I know there are more places to visit than I'm ever going to have time to get to (though I'm working on it), which is one of the reasons I keep writing stories: because they let me visit all the places I can't visit in person. (Especially the magic ones, which I haven't figured out how to get to yet.) Girl Scouts and college both led me ever-further west, and I now live with my husband, Larry, in Tucson , Arizona . I love living in the desert, and I'm not sure I'll ever live east of the Rockies again.
Unless those pirates show up and offer me a berth. Because now, I'm ready for them.
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Bones of Faerie paperback
Thief Eyes hardback

Image(taken from her site)
Rachel WardI’m a fortysomething author, currently writing novels for teenagers and young adults (some adults like them too). My first novel, ‘Numbers,’ was published in January 2009, and was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. At the moment, I’m working on a sequel, which will be published in 2010.
I like:
• Reading
• Early mornings (no, really)
• Dogs, especially lurchers
• Cats (even the mean ones – yes, Ella, that means you)
• Being at home with my family
• Swimming, especially outdoors
• Watching TV (okay, falling asleep watching the TV)
• Vegetarian food
• Fairtrade anything – Rooibos tea, decaff coffee, chocolate, pineapples, bananas, clothes, etc.
• Kindness
• Bath (where I live), Keynsham, Swanage, Cornwall, Washington State, Alaska (never been there, but I yearn to go)
• Watching films (Sense and Sensibility, Minority Report, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Slumdog Millionaire, School of Rock)
• Potatoes in all their lovely forms
• Going to gigs (sometimes)

Oh yes, and
• Writing
I don’t like:
• Too much noise
• Being late
• Being patronised
• Being bullied
• Prawn cocktail crisps
• Dark mornings and dark evenings

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Num8ers Hardback

To gain extra entries in the Birthday Phenomenon visit each Author and leave a comment about what you enjoyed about their site.

(thats right you can get up to 3 additional entries today!)
You gain an entry for each authors site you visit and tell me about what you liked. You choose how many you want to visit!!!

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Shannon O'Donnell said...

I like the lavender at Rachel's site and her Q&A section where she tells us more about herself.

I like the simple layout of Janni's site and the cute squiggly pen at the bottom.

Christine's was my favorite. It felt more alive. I liked all the reviews and the color.

Evgenia said...

I like different layout for each book on Janni Lee Simner's site

I love so much this fantastic pattern on top Christine Brodien-Jones site

I like background with numbers of Rachel Ward's site

Juju at Tales of said...

Loved Slumdog :)

luiloth said...

Christine Brodien-Jones- I liked the layout with the age level and synopsis on the sidebar, I also enjoyed the youtube video with the subtitled drawings and photos.

Janni Lee Simner - Her website is very easy to navigate with all the books listed with links for each book, plus a page organizing each book according to age level, story length, and when and where it was published.

Rachel Ward - I like the numbered wallpaper, its very subtle and the way it corresponds with the numbers as letters on the book covers.

bookaholic said...

I love the story about Bianca,the owl in Cristine's site.
Janni Lee's pictures of her family are so sweet :)
I love Rachel Ward's site layout and wallpaper...very interesting and nice

elizabeth said...

I love the color font that Rachel uses for her name. I also like her Q & A section because it lets you get to know her.

I love how simple Janni's website is. The News section is also cool because it gives up to date information about her books.

What I like about Christine's website is her About Me page where it talks about her rescueing an owl. That is so cool!

Kimberly Franklin said...

I love when authors bios give you a feeling of who they really are. :)

Erika said...

i liked the Q&A section of rachel's site. it was really fun to read, and i love reading authors' interviews.

christine's site had a lovely layout, and i liked that she posted her book trailer. those things are just so much fun to watch!

lastly, i loved that janni's site was simple. it was easy to navigate, and it wasn't too imposing.

Angelia said...

I am so excited to read The Owl Keeper! Christine Brodien-Jones site is fantastic. I love the colors!

Janni Lee Simner's site is so clean and well organized. I had no problem finding what I needed. What I found was that I'm adding the Bone of Faerie series to my TBR pile!

I love Rachel Ward's list of likes and dislikes. I don't like too much noise or being late either. Things like this help readers feel connect to the authors.

linz said...

+1 Rachel Ward
I love the numbers theme. The almost hidden numbers in the background are really cool.

+1 Christine Brodien-Jones
I really like all the pictures she has in her About Me section. They make you feel like you actually know her.

+1 Janni Lee Simner
The simplicity of the site is great. I like the seperate links to each book. Very cute.

Emmagan said...

Rachel site i love the title colors, and the numbers in the background.

Emmagan said...

Janni site i like the simpleness of it

Emmagan said...

Christine site i love the burnt orange color , also like the classroom/book clubs section.

Amy J - Book Addict said...

Rachel: The numbers theme!

Janni: clean and simple

Christine: the book trailer

Amy J

Tina said...

Woow, I've felt in love with the cover of the new book of Rachel Ward! (Numbers 2: The chaos), and I like too the numbers background.
In the Janni Lee's one I like the quotes that appear in the top of the site, they're great!
Finally, the site of Christine Brodien. I like the design, but what I like the most is The Owl Keeper trailer, it's great!

Elizabeth Morgan said...

The colors of Rachel's website are awesome.

I love that Jani's website is so straight forward.

Elizabeth Morgan said...

Christine's website is awesome is wonderful. I love the background and all she has going on the front page.

Precious said...

Christine: I like the look of her site, as well as how the trailer, the giveaways, the reviews are on the main page.

Janni: I like the simplicity of Janni's blog. Easy to find information.

Rachel: I love the q&A section!

ChickLitGirl said...

OMG. I LOVE Rachel Ward! I read her book Numbers, and the thing I love on her website- NUMBERS TWO! I DIDNT KNOW THERE WAS A SEQUEL! AAH!
Plus I LOVE the theme of her site, which goes perfectly with her book covers.
This may sound silly but I like that cute pen, with the purple squiggly line on Janni Lee's site! Haha. And her book cover is really pretty too.
Christine's site is really neat, I love her header, its really pretty!

Brianna Bruce said...

1. Rachel Ward's website was so cool. At first it seemed so simple, but once you notice all of the subtle aspects of it (like all of the numbers in the background), it's really a fun website.

2. Like most of the people that commented, I really did love that clay-looking pen on Janni Lee Simner's website! I also like that she posted her tour dates up-front.

3. Christine Brodien-Jones's website was, in my opinion, the most complex of them all. It was fresh and bold in a way that was absolutely breathtaking without being cluttered.

+3 Thanks!

Giada M said...

Rachel Ward's site has a cute layout and I like the Q&A section.

In Janni Lee Simner's site I like Other Books and Stories section where I could learn more about her other books.

Christine Brodien-Jones' site is awesome. I love the layout, the reviws, the booktrailer!

Giada M.

fabgiada @

Giada M said...
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Readerly Person said...

I love that Rachel's News page is current! So many aren't - I always appreciate ones that are accurate and new!

Janni was born aboard a pirate ship! Loved this alternate history.

I thought the book trailer on Christine's site was great!

- Rebecca