Saturday, February 20, 2010

Poetry Day With Kate Forsyth

To a perfect ending to a great mini week with Kate Forsyth. I am finishing with a few poems Kate has written. I do hope you enjoy them. Here are a few of my favorites

Kate Forsyth interviewed by Robert Salisbury at the Manly Writers Group. Kate 
gave me this link to an interview were she has read some
of her poetry. Thought I would share this with you.

Siren Soul

I perceive I have a siren soul,
half the stuff of dreams, half surging blood,
skin and scales fused. I sing for love
when he comes to me, his eyes are wet,
his mouth is full of water.
As our fingers touch, he sinks.
I could transform myself, hide
in flesh, undivided, mute.
But to be human I must lose
my strange fluid beauty, my seductive call.
If not to sing, if not to love and lose,
why was I given a siren soul?

Midnight Garden

and this is my garden
a lover's knot of paths converging
to a sundial in its wheel of lemon-scented time
a secret garden
hedges in mazes where we run shrieking
following a trail of crumbs
a poet's garden
fists of roses inscribed with thorns
dragged free in a changeling wind
a nursery rhyme garden
where I shall be queen and you shall be king
and toadstools bloom in rings
a heretic's garden
where herbs have their own silent language
rain writing its occult script on water
a midnight garden
where bells ring out in tongues of astonishment
a stone lion crouches with scribbled moustache
and these are my forests
where paths shift and compasses spin
spiralling leaves hiding a broken altar
and this is my garden
these are my forests
this is my sacred sea

My favorite is the last one

Like what your read? Check out more of Kate Forsyth's Poetry Here!


Lauren said...

Those are wonderful. I like them both, although the second one really makes me think of The Puzzle Ring in particular. Great post.

Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Thanks for posting the interview and the poems, I really enjoyed them! :)

Tiana Lei said...

I also like the second one. And also thanks for posting the interview :)

Milli said...

thanks for posting! I really liked both!

Sasha said...

Really interesting post! I loved them x

Sasha said...
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Sweet. Nice post =) And stopping by from Sat Network. Wee.

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Lovely post! I love your blog!

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You have an award at my blog

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Great poems! Loved reading them.

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VERY cool post :)