Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Balancing Blogger Life

I thought this would be a great idea for not only me but everyone who blogs.

I find it hard to balance my life, family, work, reading and blogging. I love following so many blogs. I keep finding all these great blogs. I can't help but follow and post. Now on to my problem. I try to post everyday on blogs. It is truly time consuming. 

I thank all of you who take the time to comment on my posts

So I figured if I got some feed back from all of you this might help me with balancing things.

Get This - Survey Results -


Juju at Tales of said...

FAB questions!

But my answers didn't fit the mold so here they are:

I visit blogs daily.I wish I could follow everyone that follows me but there is not enough hours in the day so I tend to only follow bloggers who visit continuously and comment. I flag those bloggers as priorities and visit them often and comment often. I feel it's a "spreading the love" thing.

Melissa said...

Great questions! I tend to follow most bloggers who actively follow mine. I think it's nice, and it's kind of them to do so for me, so I'd like to support them, too. While I can't promise everyone a comment, I do my best to comment on every blog I follow at least once a week haha it's a task ;)

Star Shadow said...

I as well have this problem. I have noticed using google reader, that I am more apt to comment on the posts that really stick out to me... Then if people comment me I try to respond. Blogging truly is a full time job, one which I love don't get me wrong. It just takes the time!

Oh, and Yes thanks I love the new design to... one thats a keeper finally lol.

Erika said...

I read the blogs I follow through Google Reader and only click through to visit when I want to comment, which really depends on the blogger: how often the update and how often those updates interest me. :)

Using Google Reader makes keeping track of everything a little less stressful. I can always browse when I have the time since everything is marked "unread" until I've scrolled through it.

Kimberly Franklin said...

My stupid work computer won't let me see the survey. I'll come back later. : )

Emily said...

Interesting questions! Personally, I try to comment as much as possible- I read posts in google reader so I usually star the items I want to comment on, then go through my starred folder and leave the comments from there. It really helps out with organization plus then I have the posts handy if I want to link to them or include them in a feature.

lifeafterjane said...

I'm horrible about commenting :( Bad me. I get a few minutes of blog time in the morning with coffee and while I get to keep up with new posts, I rarely have time to comment as I should. Unless it's a two cup day- like today!

Melissa said...

I'm not the greatest at commenting, basically because I'm more of a private person and there is not always enough time in the day/week/month for me to go to every blog that I follow. That's one of the reasons that I started blogging, to try to become more open about some aspects of my life.

I enjoy reading and love to see what others have to say about what they are reading. :)

BTW, I love your book montage! Nora's one of my favorites.