Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How to care for your books....

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    First and foremost will be where you will store your books. If they’re going to be on bookshelves, then deciding where you’ll place the shelves is most important. You don’t want to put your bookshelves anywhere the books will get direct sunlight, moisture, or heat. Keep your bookshelves in a room where there is a regulated temperature. Serious temperature fluctuations can do some major damage to fragile book bindings, pages, and covers. Also remember to keep your books away from fireplaces or smoke of any kind. Books will absorb any odors that come in contact with them.

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    Once you’ve located the perfect room for your books and shelves, you will need to know how to store them properly. The main focus should be to store your books in a way that will give the bindings and covers the supportthey need without overdoing it. If you have room left over on your bookshelves, then be sure to place a bookend or other heavy object against the last book. This will help to firmly hold your books upright which will prevent any bowing or bending. If you find yourself with not enough room, you can choose to store your books flat. Simply stacking the books one on top of the other with the spines facing out will keep them from getting warped. One thing to remember however, is to not cram your books too tightly together. Your books need proper air circulation.

  3. Step3
    It’s important that once you have your books in place to keep them cleaned. A simple dusting once a week will keep the books looking spiffy for a long time. Also be sure to, along with the regular weekly dusting, take your books off the shelf and wipe each one down with a soft cloth at least twice a month. This will give you the chance to look over each book and check for any problems. Keep an eye open for any bent covers or spines, or any pests that may have taken a liking to the tasty paper and glue of your books.

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    One final detail to keep in mind is to rotate your books every once in a while. That doesn’t mean that you have to completely redo your bookshelves. “Rotating” your books means that you need to swap some of the books that are at the ends of the shelf for ones in the middle. By doing this you are avoiding placing any long-term stress on any one book. This should be done at least once a month. You should also take care to not overload the weight limits on your bookshelves. Also keep a close eye on any shelves that may be trying to warp. If you see a shelf that is begging for some weight relief, then simply place thehardcover books toward the outside and use the lighter paperbacks to fill in the middle of the shelf.

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