Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gena Showalter; Intertwined Review

Haden is mainly known as Aden. Aden is extremely unique he has these people in his head and he has been trying to hide it from everyone his whole life. Why you ask? People would think he was insane and would ship him back off to the mental institutes. He doesn’t want to go back since meeting Dan the guy who cares for the boys at the ranch. Dan seems to be one of the few good people Aden has met. Aden is a loner and who can blame him.

   All four people in Aden’s head have a gift and each gift is unique. One of the people can see the future.  He was able to see Aden’s future and ultimately his death. He would also find the one he will love.  While killing zombies as it seems he did. He seems to attracted dead things.  It’s also something that he wants nothing to do with. 

  While Aden battles zombies a huge shockwave flows through the earth strong enough to knock him off his feet and the girl he caught a glimpse of.  He also wasn’t able to hear the people in his head.  Aden had to find out more about his girl.  After meeting MaryAnn he realized there was more to her then meets the eyes. They have a strong relationship bound to be friends yet the feeling to run from each other.

    Aden finally meets the girl he has been waiting for Victoria.  She is not only a vampire also a princess. Her father sent her to find out what the shock was and whom it came from.  All the otherworldly creatures felt it too and are roaming about trying to find the source.

 Aden has so much to worry about finding out how to stop his one and only from marrying someone else. Finding a way to stop a werewolf from stalking MaryAnn. How to free the people in his head, find a way to not die while being a teenager.  So action packed it left you wanting more to find out what happens next.

There are some things I didn’t quite understand it took me a while to get into the book. MaryAnn’s relationship with Riley seemed to have a better connection then Aden and Victoria. There was so much going on it made my head spin.  I feel as if I was left with more questions being unanswered then answered. Being said that I do feel this is a worthwhile read. There are so many more reason TO READ this. There are so many characters and action and drama in the book I would take your time reading it. It’s a lot to take it.


Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Good sum up! I definitely agree with you that I liked the book overall, but there was so much action, I wish some spots could have been more in-depth. I'll be looking for the sequel! :)

Faye said...

ditto! i really liked this book, can't wait for the sequel!

Emily said...

Three things!

1. This is a great review- I had a lot of the same feelings as you did after I read this book. Overall I enjoyed it, but I hope the next installment is a little more streamlined. I'm really enjoying reading your posts and am now a follower as well- keep up the great work!

2. Thank you for the comment at my blog, What Book is That? I would say a 2 year old would definitely like Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli- the monsters in the story aren't scary, more goofy-looking, and a really young child will get a kick out of the monsters eating stuff that isn't food. I teach 3-5 year olds and they completely adore this book.

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Happy holidays and I'm excited to read more of your posts!

Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

I had some similar issues with this book. I thought you did a great review!