Thursday, December 17, 2009

Alexandra Ivy; When Darkness Comes: Guardians of Eternity

Please note this is not a YA read.

Alexandra Ivy When Darkness Comes
Published 2007           
359 pages
Summary (from the book jacket)
It's been a hell of a day for Abby Barlow. In just a few hours, she's survived an explosion, watched her employer die, had a startling dream, and now she finds herself in a seedy Chicago hotel with the sexy, unearthly Dante, a man she both desires and fears.
For 341 years, Dante has stood as guardian to The Chalice, a mortal woman chosen to hold back the darkness. A terrible twist of fate has now made Abby that woman. Three hours ago, Dante would have used all his charms to seduce her. Now she is his to protect. And he will do so until his very death.
A terrifying plan has been set in motion, one that will plunge Dante and Abby into an epic battle between good and evil—and a desperate race to save their love...

My Review
  Abby seems to have trouble following her. Growing up she had nothing to look forward to. He father was a abusive drunk. Her mother was useless and un-motherly. So when she started a menial job she didn’t think her life was getting much better. Her life changed after a huge explosion occurred knocking her down. After gathering herself she ran to see her employer Selena dead while Dante trying to save her. Selena grabbed hold of Abby transferring the Phoenix and making her the Chalice. Making this short Dante and Abby fell in love they had to battle witches, demons and wizards. While fighting to stay alive they were trying to find a way to remove the Phoenix from Abby and removing the spell from Dante, which tied him to the phoenix as a protector.
   As much as I hate to give a negative review, The characters were underdeveloped. If Dante remarked “Bloody hell” one more time I probably would have screamed. I didn’t understand the relationship between Dante and Abby. At times they seemed a perfect pair and then you realized how the characters didn’t seem to have much personality. Abby may have talked about her childhood but it wasn't heartfelt. I had no connection with her. This book took me a week to get through because I just couldn’t get into it. The writing lagged, it was slow paced even during the drama and fighting scenes.

  The one character I wanted to know about really wasn’t in the book as much. Viper was Dante’s brotherly/fatherly figured who demanded attention that wasn’t given. I have found out that the second in the series is Vipers story. As of now I would not read the rest of the series. I still have a bad taste in my mouth maybe I will give it another shot in a month or so.

Here is the book cover for the next in the series (Vipers story)


Melissa said...

This doesn't sound like the greatest read. It's sad when authors have the golden opportunity to make their MC's relatable and endearing...then fail to do so. Shelf it for a while and see if it's better next time haha the theory hasn't worked for me yet!

Book Snob said...

Thanks for the honest review. Its good to know that everyone does not love overy book!

Justine said...

Congrats, Inked :D
You just won an award here at my blog.

Juju at Tales of said...

Nice review. I hadn't heard of this one.

Faye said...

this book has been in my 2 read forever! I don't think anything can top J.R. Ward PNR books lol