Monday, November 30, 2009

Carrie Jones; Need

Carrie Jones did a remarkable job on Need.  Zara the main character and a delightful surprise. Though she may be eccentric, after all it's not normal to know and list  phobias off as if it were chewing gum. With a beloved father passing Zara's mother ships her off to her grandmother Betty's home. To Zara things can't get worse. Living in a small hick town in Maine, going to a new school in the middle of the school year, not knowing a single person there. Zara manages to fit in. (for the most part)
      During all the interaction with her grandmother you see what an awesome grandmother she is. She fun and lighthearted and there is no age barrier for her. There is something there that you just feel is right. Carrie Jones did an amazing job on Betty's character. There is something that Betty is keeping quiet. It's a shocker.
    At school she meets a few friends Ian, Nick, Issie, Devyn. All the character are well written and all but one have something to hide. Nick is a loner with a hero complex and their is something below the surface loneliness?  Ian is so likable from the start a bit annoying but likable.  Issie is nothing but sugar plums. Devyn is the master mind of the group, Genuis. Zara has no idea what secrets they keep. The Pixie King was an King-riffic. Carrie Jones really rought you in made you feel for his side of the story. He can't be all bad right?  In the end Zara is able to be the heroine that you know she is.  Or is she?
     The suspense in the book doesn't stop. It keeps you page turning page after page. It left a great ending which left you wondering how Book 2 Captivate will turn out. With so many twists your sure to love this book.



Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

Keep hearing great things about this one. Gotta read it!

GMR said...

This one caught my eye the first time I saw the cover....thanks for sharing a bit about the inside as well! It's definitely on my wish list... =0)