Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Birthday Phenomenon Information

Interested in joining Birthday Phenomenon 2011? 

You came to the right place to find out all about it!

  My Birthday falls in April and I was thinking of Idea's for a great giveaway. So I thought when you go to book signings is it better to have just one Author or five? More is always better right?  Which got me thinking about having a multiple book giveaway with lots of different Authors and Genres. This is how it all started, A simple thought.

  Birthday Phenomenon 2010 became a beast. Growing into something that was more then I could have ever expected. Cleverly Inked received more then 20K visitors in 45 days.

What 2010 consisted of:
58 Authors participated, the list is at the bottom of this post. 
76 books to giveaway 
To much swag to post.

You can see the STATS below of the the entire duration of the giveaway. To give you a better Idea as to how well Birthday Phenomenon can spread the word.

 I do have Authors from 2010 participating in 2011. Birthday Phenomenon works.

How it works:

April 13th I will announce the contest with the list if Authors and all the prizes. Here is the link toBirthday Phenomenon 2010.

I will post a Shout-Out day for every Author who participates. This gives a chance for the entrants to visit the Authors site and post a comment about what they loved about the site.  Which is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Here is a link to one of the Shout-Out day's.

Some of the Authors did have interviews or reviews of their books in 2010. I would love to review and/or interview. Since I am only one person  there is limited amount in which I can do within the duration of the contest.


(Please note that people are interested in visual. I received most of the prizes last year and people were shocked to see it in a picture. It was an attention grabber.)

The choice is yours to ship the items to the winner directly or you can ship them to me to distribute. Please let me know which countries you are willing to ship.

All books and swag that is sent directly to myself will only be shipped to winners in the US/Canada.

If you are an Author outside of the US and can only ship in the country you reside please let us know.

I am currently working on a way for our international followers to receive prizes from us so they may participate.

The amount of winners will be based on the amount of books and swag we receive.  The winners will be selected through The winners will be selected May 31st unless we go into over time.
(which means I had more then expected participate.)

If you are interested in participating you can email me @ you can click the Contact Me Tab at the top of the blog.

Actual stats from April 13-May 31 2010 according to

Page LoadsUnique VisitorsFirst Time VisitorsReturning Visitors
DayDatePage LoadsUnique VisitorsFirst Time VisitorsReturning Visitors
Monday31st May 2010765278160118
Sunday30th May 201041725821840
Saturday29th May 201034515711740
Friday28th May 20102621046638
Thursday27th May 20104491448757
Wednesday26th May 201034914210339
Tuesday25th May 20103421308743
Monday24th May 201031616011644
Sunday23rd May 20104991147539
Saturday22nd May 201026514910841
Friday21st May 201038115010842
Thursday20th May 201042618513451
Wednesday19th May 201045717612848
Tuesday18th May 201048616010555
Monday17th May 201065431324667
Sunday16th May 20103171085751
Saturday15th May 20102941155560
Friday14th May 20103131419051
Thursday13th May 20103241479552
Wednesday12th May 201044217612254
Tuesday11th May 201071126720562
Monday10th May 201055821215953
Sunday9th May 201049019912871
Saturday8th May 20103201066244
Friday7th May 20102491157639
Thursday6th May 20101821047925
Wednesday5th May 20102481247549
Tuesday4th May 20103011117536
Monday3rd May 201035417913544
Sunday2nd May 201053626922643
Saturday1st May 2010250936429
Friday30th April 20102131137736
Thursday29th April 20103241409743
Wednesday28th April 201043716611749
Tuesday27th April 20103961368650
Monday26th April 201039318213943
Sunday25th April 20103961569660
Saturday24th April 201044720513075
Friday23rd April 201066028821672
Thursday22nd April 201036418212359
Wednesday21st April 201026815411737
Tuesday20th April 20104411679572
Monday19th April 201037217411559
Sunday18th April 201060329923762
Saturday17th April 20103131146153
Friday16th April 20103811277354
Thursday15th April 201047722214775
Wednesday14th April 20101,12846138576
Tuesday13th April 20101,03939131675

Authors who participated in 2010:

Christine Brodien-Jones 

Janni Lee Simner 



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